Every once and a while, something neat and rather unique rolls through the lot, like this rather mean Chameleon Color Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, done up in the pinnacle of JDM tyte-ness. This car’s styling epitomizes the trends as they were and still looks great today. Let’s take a look into what makes this Evo so cool.

We’re not sure what you notice first, either the Volk TE37 super light wheels or the massive carbon fiber aero package. Lowered on coilovers, there’s no excess wheelgap to be found and the rear diffuser both cleans up the rear profile and frames the exhaust perfectly.

Up front, the car sports a full-width front splitter, carbon fiber vented hood and an oversized front mount intercooler by ETS. From this angle we get a better idea of the fitment, which while it has a mild stretch, still has plenty of tire for mechanical grip.

The chameleon color paint and sick Bride seats were more than enough to make everyone stop what they’re doing to scope out the Evo.

This gorgeous example is just one of many ways you can turn a blank slate like the Evo X into something truly unique and totally your own, like this guy is here.

The addition of something as basic as a set of wheels can really change the look of your car – so why stay stock? Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photo Editing by Nick Gregson