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Not everyone who comes in to ModBargains is there for an install, but sometimes people show up to pick up parts or wheels in cars that really get our attention, such as this customized F22 BMW M235i. Right away from the first glance there are a few choice mods that stand out…

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The BMW Performance Gloss Black Kidney Grilles for F22 2-Series create a great contrast against the car’s white finish, and one of the cooler things is the custom body-color painted BMW Performance Front Lip Spoiler, which changes the look of the front end quite a bit, as nearly every other car has the splitter either black or in carbon fiber.

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At the rear of the car, a BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Splitter for F22 BMW 2-Series adds a bit of a extra flair and keys in nicely with the Black Chrome M235i badging.

BMW_F22_M235i (2) Adorning each mirror is a BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Cover for F22 BMW 2-Series, tying in beautifully with the carbon fiber spoiler also along the car’s beltline.BMW_F22_M235i (3) The overall combination of accessories and a set of genuine BBS wheels really makes for a great looking package, though a drop and a set of painted reflectors wouldn’t hurt.
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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson