This wildly bodied BMW E36 is owned by friend of the shop Carey, who transformed his E36 M3 into the insane vehicle you see here.

Being as low as he is, Carey can’t just take the car to any old shop for an alignment – which is why our flush-with-the-floor Hunter Alignment Rack was just the tool for the job. By the way, we offer 4-wheel-alignment services here in the shop for just $125. That’s cheaper than your average firestone or whatever, and we won’t scrape the crap out of your bumper to get the car onto the rack like shops inexperienced with lowered vehicles probably will.

With bulging vented fender flares wide enough to make a DTM race car jealous, this car is truly a sight to behold. Fitted with a full suite of exterior E36 aero upgrades by DTM Fiberwerkz, the Carbon Fiber Front Canards are only the beginning.

Rolling on a set of ESM-007 wheels, this M3 looks incredible from every angle.

No two ways about it, this is a car that will seriously break necks. The widened fenders allow for an absolutely silly wide rear tire – with that much meat back there, we have to wonder if this car still obeys the laws of physics in the corners.
All in all, we love what Carey’s done with his E36, it’s truly a vehicle in its own league.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson