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Vasili L’s been a customer of ModBargains for almost as long as we’ve been at our current location in La Habra (and we’re not going anywhere) – and recently Vasili brought the “VK M3” back to the shop to get a few more goodies installed to compliment the car’s Remus Exhaust for E9X BMW M3. Mod Expert Sean and Sr Mod Expert Alan have been helping Vasili out and it’s been fun seeing the car coming back.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (24)

Vasili had opted for the Remus Carbon-Fiber trimmed “Street Race” style tips paired with the Remus Connecting Pipes to compliment the Fabspeed X-Pipe for E9X BMW M3, which on its own is good for a 20lb weight savings over stock, not to mention the horsepower and torque gains.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (18) The Fabspeed X-Pipe for M3 alone yields a gain of +15hp /+10tq  and it’s not unheard of for an X-pipe to yield gains of as much as 40 horsepower at the wheels- while you won’t get 40hp out of this particular setup, you will get that great V8 rumble and a significant, noticeable difference on the buttdyno.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (22)

Paired with the Remus Exhaust with Connecting Tubes, this setup should be good for a horsepower gain in the 15-22hp range – but the sound and the tone is really what you’re paying for here.
BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (10)

The 1×1 Weave Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler pairs nicely with the roof and the car’s other carbon fiber accents, like the trim of the Remus Street Race Exhaust Tips and the Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers for E9X BMW M3.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (12) BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (13)

However, it still was missing something – so we added a diffuser to spice things up. A Type IV Carbon Fiber M3 Rear Diffuser for 2008-12 BMW M3 [E92/E93] now frames the Remus Exhaust tips for an aggressive, stylish look.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (25)


In this shot, you can see a lot of the goodies this car sports – the BC Coilovers, Remus Exhaust + Connecting Pipes and the Fabspeed X-Pipe.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (28)

Check out the detail – the tips are a glorious compliment to the diffuser.
BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (23)

After lowering the car on BC Coilovers last week, now that they’ve had a chance to settle, it was time for an alignment.

Wondering how the car sounds? Here’s a clip of what the car sounded like when we first installed the Fabspeed X-Pipe.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (3) Keeping the carbon fiber theme going is a pair of Carbon Fiber Fender Grilles for E9X BMW M3.
BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (4)

The 1×1 Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers look great up close.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (5) Here’s a look at the .7x.7 weave on the roof – 1×1 is the closest match available outside of BMW.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (6) The Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler looks great out in the sun.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (7)
BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (30) Giving the car the lowered stance it needed is a set of BC Racing Coilovers for E9X BMW M3. Offering 30 way adjustment for just 10 benjamins as of press time, this is one coilover option you won’t pay the “M3 Tax” on.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (32) BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (34) Giving the front end the attitude to match the aggressive rear is a Carbon Fiber VRS Style Front Lip for E9X BMW M3, providing some much needed flair to the front end.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (35) Check out how it looks from a few angles.BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (37) BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (39) BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (40) BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (41)

It’s been a joy to watch the VK M3 change over the years and a testament to our service that keeps people coming back.

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Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson