Ask any enthusiast (Mod Experts included) and they’ll tell you that deciding a new car’s first mods is almost impossible on the first try. With so many parts available, areas to modify, and options to choose from, the mind is not easily made up. Michael found himself in a similar position with his F30, ready to take his car to the next level but not completely sure what exactly he wanted.

When Michael brought us his F30 330i bone stock with some big plans for his first mods, Senior Mod Expert Kevin stepped in and helped him get on the exact track he wanted. After some back and forth and a few changes of plans, Michael’s mind was set, parts were ordered, and Kevin scheduled the car for installation at Mod Auto. So what exactly did he decide on?

If you ask us, this is a great start to any build. Michael’s increasing his F30’s performance and asethetics, combining form and function in one move.

The VMR V801’s offer aggressive, distinctly European styling and quality in a wheel that fit any budget as well as they fit BMWs. With 18×8.5″ et35 fronts and 18×9.5″ et45 rears, these wheels offer a great stance that doesn’t require any fender rolling or camber.

VMR wheels aren’t just a pretty face either – they offer weight savings over these stock Style 397s, too. Check out the specs below:

  • VMR V801 19×8.5″ et35: 22.4lbs/10.2kg
  • BMW Style 397 18×8″: 26.4lbs/12kg
    • Weight savings: 4lbs/1.8kg!
  • VMR V801 19×9.5″ et45: 23.6lbs/10.7kg
  • BMW Style 397 18×8.5″: 27.4lbs/12.4kg
    • Weight savings: 3.8lbs/1.7kg!

They’re wrapped in General G-Max RS summer performance tires in 225/40/19 and 255/35/19 to offer superior performance and safety for both spirited and daily driving.

The car was dropped on these VMRs with the help of Solowerks S1 coilovers. Because KW is Solowerks’ parent company, you can expect the same engineering quality and expectations in your set of S1s. Michael wanted a ride height similar to that of lowering springs, but wanted to make sure he upgraded more suspension components (struts and shocks, I’m looking at you) than just springs. While lowering springs are a great route to take in terms of budget-friendly lowering, you’re looking at more performance gains and value from upgrading to coilovers than just springs.

So we handled the suspension bits of Michael’s install, now let’s move to performance. You can find an Injen SP Short Ram Air Intake on this car, adding some tasteful engine noise and noticeable power gains over the stock airbox, up to 12hp and 14lbs torque to be exact. Michael opted for a wrinkle black finish, keeping things stealthy, which seems an excellent choice given this car’s current look.

Walking ’round the back, we see an aggressive quad-tip exhaust, thanks to the Remus Sport axleback Michael chose. Like other Remus exhausts, the quad-tip Sport exhaust is modular, allowing Michael to choose black chrome tips over standard chrome.

This is a great choice, as the 76mm quad tips really match the new carbon fiber diffuser he had installed. All-in-all, the rear of Michael’s 330i is looking much more aggressive than when it arrived.


This was one solid day for Michael’s 330i! This car looks transformed compared to when it came in, and it only took some key areas of modification. If you like how Michael’s BMW 330i turned out, get in touch with our Sr. Mod Expert Kevin McDonnell, who offered his expertise and suggestions on this F30. He can be reached at (714) 582-3330 x8003 or by email at You can also contact any one of our team of highly trained and experienced Mod Experts. Each one has a rich history of car modding and can help with mod suggestions, fitment help, and more! To reach our general Mod Expert line call (714) 582-3330 or email We also have live chat available at during normal business hours.