19×9.5 ET28 / 19×9.5 ET22 with Nitto 235/35-19 / 235/35-19 Tires on H&R Coilovers

David I has been a customer of Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei for quite some time now, and with Alan’s help, he’s built something not unlike a German R34 Skyline. With 400 ponies on tap across all four wheels, this E92 2008 BMW 335xi is anything but ordinary.


Normally this is the part where I’d tell you all about this car, but we’d rather let David speak for himself.

Here’s the story of David’s 335xi firsthand:

“A couple of my close high school buddies were car nuts and being around them enough eventually influenced me to become a car nut myself.

The first car I bought was a 1990 300zx TT. I loved it, unfortunately it had some issues and I had to let it go shortly down the road.

My next car was an E46 BMW 330ci. I owned that car for about 4 years and it was nothing short of fantastic. Great daily, didn’t break my wallet (despite thousands in car parts), and broke necks everywhere I went.

4 years later I had my eyes set on a couple different cars, but I ended up going with an E92 335xi and I haven’t looked back once.”


19×9.5 ET28 / 19×9.5 ET22 with Nitto 235/35-19 / 235/35-19 Tires on H&R Coilovers

“Everything was stock aside from a couple engine mods. It had black paint on red interior, 62k miles, AWD, and fully packaged for one good price.

After going back to the dealership a few times, and picturing where this car would be just even a few months after ownership.. I couldn’t resist pulling the trigger. I bought the car with a stock body so I definitely had a list of mods ready.

Sold the E46 a few weeks later and dumped nearly all of the money into the E92. 2 months after purchase, it looks like it does right now and I’m extremely satisfied with it. Not only does it break necks when you drive by, people are appalled when they open the door and see the red leather.”


19×9.5 ET28 / 19×9.5 ET22 with Nitto 235/35-19 / 235/35-19 Tires on H&R Coilovers

“The N54 engine sounds amazing and screams at WOT. Over half of the mods I’ve done to the E46 as well as the E92, I’ve gone through ModBargains.”

“I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars with them and they always have what I need. I can always trust them to have the right parts at a good price, and their customer service is spectacular.  I’ve been satisfied since my first purchase and I’ll continue to come back to them for my car parts!”

He’s not lying- from the Billy Boat 2.5in Exhaust for BMW 335xi to the massive VRSF 7in Front Mount Intercooler to the JB4 ECU Tuner that manages the engine, nearly every part on his mod list is available here.

19×9.5 ET28 / 19×9.5 ET22 with Nitto 235/35-19 / 235/35-19 Tires on H&R Coilovers

The N54 is one incredible powerplant that’s very capable of making serious power with the right modifications, and David’s build hits all the major points. The Intake has been upgraded with a Dual Cone Intake, which yields a significant amount of power on its own, the failure prone OEM chargepipe has been replaced and the leaky OEM diverter valves have been swapped out for a Tial BOV, which significantly improves throttle response, shortens spool time dramatically and enhances low end torque by the double digits, then we’ve got the massive VRSF 7in Intercooler up front keeping things cool and the air charge consistent. On the exhaust side of things, the twin turbochargers have been upgraded with high flow downpipes to match, all of which is managed by a BMS JB4 Tuner for BMW N54.

This package results in an absurd power gain – 400 horsepower across all four wheels means the engine is making quite a bit more than that, since there’s more drivetrain loss on 4WD cars than 2WD cars.


19×9.5 ET28 / 19×9.5 ET22 with Nitto 235/35-19 / 235/35-19 Tires on H&R Coilovers

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Story Edited for Blog by Nicholas Gregson

Mod List

2008 335xi

Roughly 400awhp



Twin Turbo Upgrade

VRSF 7″ Intercooler


Billy Boat 2.5″ Exhaust

ER Charge Pipe w/ Tial BOV

Dual Cone Intake



H&R Coilovers


Wheels & Tires

235/35 19×9.5 +28

235/35 19.9.5 +22



M Sport Front Bumper


CF Trunk Lip

Gloss Black Kidney Grills

Black Door Trim

Taillight Smoke


To-Do List

Air Suspension

CF Hood

M3 Sideskirts

CF Wrapped Interior

CF Wrapped Roof