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We’re back again with another episode of Know Your Mods. Today we’re going to be talking about Sportline 8S Wheels. I’m your host, Mike Brown, Co-Founder & CEO here at ModBargains & ModAuto. I’m excited for this episode today because I’m gonna talk about one of our most popular wheels, the Sportline 8S. I’m gonna talk about some of the benefits of the wheels the problems than it solves for you and really just explain why so many of our customers choose this wheel for their cars.

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So what makes the Sportline 8S so popular? First off it’s your classic full face mesh design wheel which makes any car look a lot better.

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Now what do I mean by full face and mesh? What I mean is if you look… it’s obviously a mesh design and the spoke goes all the way to the edge of the wheel. Now what I love about a spoke that goes all the way to the edge of the wheel is it gives it a bigger appearance.


On wheels that have a lip or a deep dish if you will, the spoke tends to just physically be shorter because you have to get inside that barrel. Whereas if you have a spoke like this, it goes all the way to the edge it makes it look a little bit bigger. So right off the bat just the design of it, that’s why you see so many wheels that are full face mesh… that’s what makes this one looks great as well.


It’s also got some great concavity on the wheels so because it’s it’s a fairly concave wheel its gonna give it a little more depth especially as we go into barrel sizes they have a lot more width to it you get more concavity.


In addition to that they come in very very nice finishes right out of the box without any custom finishing needed, they coming in silver and gunmetal, but if you need a custom finish we can always get that done for you but for most cars I’d say 95 percent of them… these two colors will look great on it.


Gunmetal’s gonna look good on just about any paint color, its going to give it a clean aggressive look.  Whereas your silver is going to be a true OEM+  just like it looks kinda factory but obviously these wheels look WAY WAY better than the stock wheels to come on your car.


You cannot go wrong with the styling of a wheel like this and mix with the other benefits of the Sportline 8Ss such as it being rotary forged, spun forged and being super lightweight… that’s what makes this wheel so popular. The Sportline 8S wheel is a rotary forged wheel. Now, there’s

various manufacturing techniques to make a wheel there’s gravity casting, there’s low pressure casting, there’s rotary forging, and then theres full forging. Full forged wheels are very expensive. You typically see those on really expensive cars, the guys who modified or your talking about race vehicles. So to get the best for a street car at a price point that is still really really

affordable… rotary forging is one of the most popular methods. Now why does it even matter how much a wheel weighs?


It’s because of the amplification effect of unsprung weight. Now when you think about rotational mass and anybody who’s been through physics course or anything like that… you understand that in order to

take something from nothing and create momentum and speed it requires force. Now think about how much harder is on your engine and on your axles and on your suspension in order to support big heavy wheels on a car. If you just think about a logically… it’s going to make your car slower if you have something that takes more effort to get spinning. So this wheel here is very lightweight is very strong and it makes your car faster.


At the time of this video the lightest weight wheel that we have in this Sportline 8S is 19.5 pounds. That could change over time but as I’m saying it’s under twenty pounds which is really-really lightweight. I’m gonna pick this wheel up just so you can see… how easy it is for me to grab it and lift it and put it all the way above my head… not a big deal. It’s truly

one of the lightest weight, full-face wheels, and this is this is a wheel that has a decent amount of material on the face its not super open face like some racing wheels where you have a lot of air between it.

It’s got spokes and usually wheels that have lots of spokes tend to be a bit heavier just because there’s more material. Not the case with this Sportline 8S Wheel,  you can see I’m still holding it here and it’s not a big deal. So besides the fact that it looks great


its gonna make your car perform even better and these are gonna be lighter than your stock wheels wheels. Now a wheel is only great if it actually fits on your car in the proper fitments. So Sportline 8S wheels come in a lot of various fitment, offsets, and sizes in order to

fit a lot of different vehicles on the road. You might see these two different sizes you got a little bit skinnier barrel in the gunmetal and you’ve got a little wider barrel into silver. Now don’t get me wrong that barrel sizes come in both colors but why would some cars be able to run wider wheels and other cars have to run skinnier wheels, it really comes on the way that the vehicle was made by the manufacture at the factory. Most of

the vehicles that are going on these wheels are going to be using a staggered

fitment. Staggered means the rear wheels and tires are bigger or wider than the front wheels and tires now that makes a lot of sense on cars that are rear wheel drive because as the car accelerates, it squats onto the back and that’s where you want your power and that’s where you

want the bigger tires and the bigger wheels in order to put that power to the

ground. So if your car has the ability to run super wide wheels and tires that’s gonna give you the benefit of a lot of traction to the ground. The bigger the tire on the ground the more traction the more horsepower you get out of your motor… applying it to the pavement.


It’s one of those head-turning things about cars when you see big wheels and tires. Just look at the huge impact set of wheels having the appearance of a car on this mostly stock BMW just by changing the boring factory wheels over to these beautiful Sportline 8S Wheels, along with the slight drop in suspension height the entire car has been transformed. This is why wheels are the number one most important modifications to do on a car when it comes to looks. This BMW went from being something that wouldn’t be noticed on the streets at all… into a head-turner where people will say “WOW, Nice Car” Its no wonder why Sportline’s are such a popular choice with our customers; the before and after changes is simply amazing…


Transforming you from every day blah blandness, to eye-catching and unique and in the performance benefits of a lightweight wheel like the Sportline 8S, and you’ll realize these wheels literally make every part of your driving experience more enjoyable.


So whether you’re attacking the corners on your favorite back road, pulling up to a car meet with your friends or just driving to work or school on a daily basis. Sportline 8S wheels are a solid choice for their looks, performance, and price. Now I cannot stress enough the major benefit of these wheels beside the looks, besides the light weight… the price is absolutely incredible. To have a rotary forged wheel out of the box, ready to go, in stock, at the price point that we have these listed at… its really-really tough to beat.


The value that you’re getting… don’t be confused because this wheel is actually priced right around with a lot of companies or even less than some companies charge for gravity cast wheels which are far inferior in quality, weight,  appearance, everything…. this wheel is superior but it’s priced better than some of those just because it’s not aggressively marked up to make a ton of money off you as an enthusiast. So Sportline did a great job of making an amazing wheel at a price point that is designed to sell a lot of volume in a way that benefits the entire automotive community. I go with wheels in this price point because I know that I’m going to be getting a really great bang for my buck and I know that I can recommend them to a lot of customers out there that might doubt the quality because of the price. One might think “what am I really getting here”

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Why are other wheels more expensive?


These wheels are just simply priced fairly, and they’re priced to sell. We want to get these on a lot of different vehicles out there and we want to to get a really high quality Wheel onto your vehicle. So if you’re for one of the best wheels in the industry for the best bang for the buck Sportline, particularly in this video the Sportline 8S, is a fantastic option for you to choose for your car.

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