It’s the opinion of this author that when it comes to aggressive, intimidating, muscular exhaust systems that will definitely get you letters from your HOA, you can’t beat GTHaus Meisterschaft. With systems that roar rather than growl, these guys make stuff that’ll make the car next to you think twice.


When you think of a Musclecar, the sound is probably one of the first things that comes to mind, and without that signature V8 burble, it just isn’t a musclecar, regardless of how much power it makes. With the addition of the GTHaus Meisterschaft Exhaust for Dodge Challenger (LC), noone will ever wonder if you cheaped out and got a V6. Of course, with the ScatPak stripes and 392 lettering, it would be hard for someone to make that mistake.

dodge-challenger-rt-meisterschaft-exhaust-4 It’s the unique design of the system that gives Meisterschaft’s exhausts their signature sound – the dividers seen within each exhaust tip are just one of the many features that sets it apart from any of the American musclecar offerings. At the next Mopar meetup, you’ll be the guy that makes people turn their heads and ask, “what is THAT?!”dodge-challenger-rt-meisterschaft-exhaust-6The oversized quad exhaust tips also fill out the valance much more than the OEM tips, giving it the look to match its sound.
dodge-challenger-rt-meisterschaft-exhaust-11This R/T has been lowered and also sports a custom carbon fiber front splitter to really give it the “Road and Track” look that R/T is supposed to stand for.
dodge-challenger-rt-meisterschaft-exhaust-12 Gotta love the “headlights-as-intakes”.dodge-challenger-rt-meisterschaft-exhaust-13 dodge-challenger-rt-meisterschaft-exhaust-14

With the bark to match its Hemi bite, this LC Challenger now oozes the muscle and authority that turns heads among other musclecars and says “yeah it’s got a Hemi, what’re you gonna do about it?”, erasing any pretentions of grand-tourer softness.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson