Coilovers are one of the most popular products we offer here at ModBargains. Everyone wants to be able to lower their car for a more aggressive look while also improving handling and performance. The adjustability and reliability of coilovers is a definite necessity that you cannot achieve with lowering springs. Being able to adjust ride height is probably the most important feature, and is what is most sought after when looking for suspension a4 b8 wagon solowerks coilovers audi a4 b8 wagon solowerks coiloversSolowerks coilovers are a great option that we carry here at ModBargains, and are the best bang for your buck suspension upgrade you can possibly get for your Audi, BMW or VW. They are the perfect entry-level coilovers for those looking into lowering their car. The build and ride quality Solowerks offers is outstanding especially for the price. So why do we like Solowerks so much? Keep reading to find out!

First, the ability to adjust ride height is the key factor with Solowerks, and coilovers in general. Solowerks has full height adjustment, which is great for the enthusiast to be able to play around with different ride heights and to see what suits them and their vehicle best. Lowering your car provides a meaner and more aggressive stance, which is a huge appearance bonus.

Alongside the looks, in regards to performance lowering your car gives your car a lower center gravity which allows for better handling and a much more spirited driving experience. The adjustability also gives you flexibility with wheel options as well, since you can adjust height depending on what size wheels you decide to run.

bmw e46 wagon solowerks coilovers lowered

Next is the ride quality. Solowerks coilover ride quality is known to be slightly tighter than stock, but still provides that sporty yet comfortable and smooth ride. This provides better handling and performance as mentioned above, but will still give a more suitable ride (and will definitely make those in your car not hate you).

They are a street coilover so the ride quality is definitely not nearly as harsh as other coilovers which are designed specifically for track use. Although Solowerks are not designed for track use, they will still out perform stock suspension on a track any e46 wagon solowerks coilovers slammed rolling shot

Lastly, is the price point. For about $500 you are getting the best value possible for a solid set of coilovers. Other coilovers can easily pass $1000 in price point and while they do offer extra features, many enthusiasts have no need for them and paying that extra premium is unnecessary.

A little fact about Solowerks that many people do not know: The engineers behind Solowerks were originally from KW, a very reputable suspension company among many automotive enthusiasts. The engineers had left KW to start Solowerks because they wanted to create a quality coilover without breaking the bank. They wanted their coilover system to be great for the new enthusiasts who are on a budget, but want a strong, high quality coilover system. While it may seem that Solowerks is sort of a new comer, the brains behind it have had many years of engineering experience and background within the automotive suspension industry.

Solowerks utilizes high quality materials and properly matched progressive springs specific to each application. The shock also has a zinc coating to protect the housing and threading from rust. Progressive rate springs were chosen over linear rate springs because of the ride quality they provide even when compressed for a lower ride height. Solowerk coilovers come tuned right out the box so you can simply set your ride height and you’re good to go!

While there are plenty of cheaper options available on the market, they are often designed and constructed so poorly that we would never recommend them to our customers. Solowerks is truly the only company in this price range that we would endorse.solowerks coiloversbmw e92 lowered solowerks modbargains coiloversWith all the positives about Solowerks, there are still a few drawbacks (although not many), and our job here is to inform you guys! Something to note is that Solowerks is ONLY available for BMW, VW, and some Audi’s. We hope to see some development with JDM and other Euro applications in order to reach more enthusiasts that are looking for a coilover system.

Another thing to mention is that these coilovers is more suited for warm climate areas; the coilovers are constructed of galvanized steel, which isn’t BAD, but is more susceptible to rust. Area’s with snow and lots of rain may not work well with Solowerks, however we do carry many other systems that we can help you e90 coilover installation solowerks

For the entry level enthusiast who is looking to simply lower their vehicle with height adjustability while keeping the ride comfortable, the Solowerks are the best option to go with.

For more information regarding the coilovers check out our “know your mods” feature on the Solowerks coilover system. Check it out!

Interested in a set of Solowerks or any other coilovers for your car? Contact one of our Modexperts at or (714)-582-3330Something to note: we carry many other coilover systems that take it a step further but are still a great value. Brands like BC Racing, KW, ST, etc create systems that can go beyond Solowerks and still won’t break the bank for what they offer. If you are interested in learning more about our other systems feel free to contact us at any time for any questions or inquiries!