We shot so many photos at SoCal Euro 2014 that we had a hard time narrowing it down to just what we thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing – we walked the show for hours snapping away to try and capture the feel and experience of SoCal Euro – somehow, these guys have managed to wrap several categories of car-hangouts together for one really fantastic event.

socal-euro-10 socal-euro-11
The BMW M6 convertible looks fantastic topless and this model was also quite kitted out with BMW M Performance goodies straight from BMW.socal-euro-14 socal-euro-15
HRE Performance Wheels had some amazing wheels on display, including their new HRE FF01 Wheels for BMW and other platforms. Marking a new style of manufacturing for HRE, the FF01 line is HRE’s first Flow Form line of wheels. You can see a bronze set peeking out from behind this intense F80 BMW M3 on a E90.


We couldn’t in good conscience leave the show without getting a clean shot of this gorgeous E90 335i on HRE FF01 wheels.



But then again, we didn’t need to go far to find a set of HRE FF01’s in the wild, like the set on this E92 M3. The Frozen Gray really gives the car a unique look.


HRE also had a F82 BMW M4 on display as well, in that same gorgeous shade of blue that ascended to popularity when the F30 platform debuted.

socal-euro-20Man, just look at that butt! Models are nice, but this is the behind I want to see most at a car show.

socal-euro-22All the M aggression but with just a hint of restraint.

socal-euro-23 socal-euro-21In the ModBargains.com booth we had quite the array of BMWs – the E70 BMW X5 shown is by no means stock, with the N55 under its hood massaged by a JB4 processor and a few other choice upgrades, the F30 BMW 335i sports all kinds of Carbon Fiber Exterior Accessories and the N55 under its hood is a performer as well, broken up by the triple black F10 BMW M5 that filled out the ranks until our Mini could join us.


From a different angle we can really see the F30 335i shine- (mod list here) – the Carbon Fiber heat extractor hood certainly gave this 335i a unique touch.



socal-euro-91 socal-euro-92
Quad RPI Exhaust tips peek out from the Carbon Fiber Diffuser of the M5.socal-euro-93 socal-euro-94


The F10 M5 up front exemplified how to do the triple black look – the matte stripe in the center of the hood offered a ghostly gloss outline of the many brands the M5 is repping.

Our friends at Aristo Collection brought out this gorgeous red E92 BMW M3 wearing a carbon fiber skirt all the way around.


Man, look at that modular goodness.



This Red White and Blue trio of E30s hails from Cali Tuned, with Utmost USA’s line of BOXO rolling toolboxes, and I gotta tell you, a rolling tool box is a costly item for good reason – it’s worth EVERY penny to have your tools in order and easily at hand. socal-euro-34 socal-euro-36
The crew from PURIST rolled up (a bit late… the I-5 was gnarly) a little later in the afternoon as the show got into full swing, bringing a wondeful assortment of beautiful machinery from some of Southern California’s finest best-reputed tuning houses – our Project Fiesta ST (also a member) managed to sneak into the shot with the supercars, too.


The F80 BMW M3 and M4 were the “it car” of the event, to be sure – but who can blame them for getting excited about the return of an Inline 6 to an M3? And in a variant derived from the absolutely fantastic N54/N55 turbo engines, no less.

socal-euro-43 socal-euro-45
We love the license plate on this Imola Red beauty.

Our friends over at VMR wheels took it blue this year, with a baby blue tone on their F82 BMW M4, while the 6-Series Gran Coupe wore a more subdued darker blue.


VMR Wheels for BMW looks great on almost any generation, classic or late model.


In a rather unexpected plot twist, Vogtland turned the booth car idea on its head – instead of the latest models, a trio of three classic BMWs, all fitted with Vogtland Suspension, sat in their booth and a lone E46 BMW 330ci sat on Vogtland Coilovers over at Borla, doing a fine job of looking friggin gorgeous in the setting sun.

socal-euro-51 socal-euro-52


socal-euro-vogtland-01 socal-euro-vogtland-02 socal-euro-vogtland-05


Vogtland wasn’t the only group to bring out classic hardware, as this original E21 320i, hanging out with its 2014 contemporary at the BMW M Performance booth. Strangely, I REALLY wanted that tent next to it the next time I camp at a trackday.


GMG brought their A-Game too with  a selection of classic and contemporary race cars, including this gorgeous original BMW M3.



socal-euro-60 socal-euro-61 socal-euro-62 socal-euro-63 socal-euro-64 socal-euro-65 socal-euro-66So many cars at the show were clad in what you call “Hi-Impact” colors, making us want to “Taste The Rainbow”. We REALLY wanted some skittles after taking this photo.



It wouldn’t be Euro if Mini didn’t make an appearance, and in numbers – though we didn’t get a decent shot of the whole Mini crew together, unfortunately. That’s not to say Mini wasn’t well represented…

socal-euro-71 socal-euro-72

socal-euro-24  No guessing here, this R56 Mini Cooper JCW looked fantastic and exemplified the peak of what JCW was doing with these platforms. Even today the JCW is a potent little bugger! socal-euro-78

Of all the weirdness, an R34 Nissan Skyline showed up, and you may notice it looks a little naked. It’s not a GT-R, that’s why. Still, seeing ANY R34 is a day-maker for most auto enthusiasts who grew up with the R34.

Well, we’re running out of words here so we’ll let the cars speak for themselves from here. Sound off in the comments below and let us know which was your favorite!
socal-euro-84 socal-euro-83
socal-euro-86 socal-euro-88 socal-euro-89 socal-euro-90

The weather was nice and the ModBargains team had a great time walking the show and getting to meet many of our customers face to face and relished the opportunity to ogle a bevy of Bavarian Beauties while on the clock, no less. Work and play don’t always have to be totally separate, right?


Cofounders Mike Brown and Ron Hay are still smiling even after a long day working the show, there’s something to be said for having a genuine passion for cars at every level of a company in the automotive aftermarket, and our team has it in spades. It shows in each of our own customized cars we drive every day.


Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the photo gallery as much as we enjoyed walking the show and taking the photos.

We really enjoyed connecting with all of you out there in the real world and seeing – and HEARING your amazing builds first hand was an incredible experience. If you’re in SoCal and you call yourself an enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to make it out to SoCal Euro.
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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson