If there’s one thing nearly everyone can agree on about the Scion FR-S, it’s that it needs more power. Jeff, owner of this particular FR-S felt that way, and reached out to the Mod Experts to fix the problem. Jeff’s no stranger to making big power with modded cars -he’s been at it since he turned 16. Jeff’s resume of previous builds include a nitrous-fed Honda Civic (EG) hatch [blew up], a Supra-Swapped Lexus IS300 [blew up too], and an IS-F. Since he daily drives the car as well as open-track races them, it’s not a surprise that racing took its toll on these builds and now he’s transforming his FR-S into his latest build.


Enkei RPF-01 in Gold Finish 17×9 ET35 

Jeff’s FR-S was already pretty heavily modified before it got to us, as you can tell from the photos. The FR-S Wheels are a set of Swift Sport Springs for Scion FR-S and a set of Gold Enkei RPF-01 Wheels, spec’d at 17×9 ET35 front and rear, wrapped in Advan AD08 Tires, allowing the FR-S Suspension to perform at its best.Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-17 We fitted Jeff’s FR-S with a Vortech Supercharger for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ to resolve the power shortage.Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-16The Vortech Supercharger is a centrifugal style compressor, functioning very much like a belt-driven turbocharger, and due to its belt driven nature, response is instantaneous.
Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-20 The FR-S Exhaust has been replaced with an HKS Frontpipe.Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-18The Tomei Single-Exit Exhaust looks and sounds great, as does the pairing of the Perrin Rear Sway Bar coupled with RS-R Suspension Lower Control Arms.

With the supercharged installed, we took the car back outside for a few photos.
Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-12 Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-9 Out back the car sports a set of Tom’s LED Tail Lights for FR-S/BRZ with a CARSMO Rear Wing to give the FR-S Exterior a unique look.Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-8 A set of subtle Rally Armor Mudflaps keeps the back end clean of debris from the Advans.Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-7 Here’s a closeup of the Tomei tip.Scion_FR-S_Enkei_Toms_Tails_Swift_Springs_Supercharged_jurrian_-4xFrom every angle, despite being a more restrained build, Jeff has put together a really unique package.


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Story & Video Nick Gregson