Rear lip behindWe’ve said before that a car is like a blank canvas upon which we express ourselves – and by making a few changes to the exterior of your FR-S or BRZ, you can make your car truly reflect you and your building philosophy.

Recently Forum member SHUTTER cruised by ModBargains to have a few choice aero upgrades installed. Shutter’s FR-S came in already sporting an ARK GRIP Exhaust System for FR-S & BR-Z, giving the car both visual and audiotory character and a touch of distinction. Modification Expert Michael Chen recommended the exhaust system.
“I talked to Michael about what kind of exhaust system he had on his FR-S when I I was deciding on what exhaust to get. It’s quiet at idle and while cruising doesn’t drone on the highway, but the moment I get on it, the tone changes to a crisp, industrial tone almost like a G35 or 350Z.” This time, however, SHUTTER brought in the FR-S for some exterior upgrades.

2h-lip-low-sideGiving the nose of the car more visual edge is a 2H Carbon Fiber Front Lip for FR-S. The design is simple and uncluttered, and while it makes the car visually more aggressive, it manages to do so without making the car “Busy”. The turnup at the corner also evokes the look of Canards.

2h-lip-center-hood 2h-lip-low-centerThe 2H Carbon Fiber lip also extends the nose outwards a little further – which you can see more clearly looking down on it from above. SHUTTER worked closely with the Mod Experts to coordinate the Aerodynamic upgrades.
“I hadn’t heard of the 2H Front Lip or the Side Skirt Extensions until the Mod Experts mentioned them – having them on the car now, I don’t know how I ever got along without them!”
Rounding out the supple rear end of the FR-S is a Duckbill Style Trunk Spoiler for FR-S & BRZ in Carbon Fiber. The clean sculpt of the lip-style spoiler for FR-S blends well with the natural sporty lines of the GT86′ body – and in carbon fiber, it really stands out against the red body of the car and is a great way to modify your Scion FR-S Aero characteristics.

Rear lip spoiler from passenger side rear lip spoiler low from behind
As you can see, the FR-S duck bill spoiler extends a good bit rearwards, giving it a healthy bit of depth.

passenger side shot
Complimenting the car further is this bit of GT-Racing inspired styling – taking Ground Effect side skirts to the next level, these FR-S Side Skirt Extensions also fit the BRZ – and might also be called Side Skirt Diffusers in some circles. They add functional aerodynamic streamlining and give the car a track-ready GT-racer aesthetic for a true Scion FR-S Aero upgrade.

Front lip and sideskirt from front passenger side

All together, these Carbon Exterior Upgrades give the car a more aggressive yet purposeful look – and as an ensemble, the combination of the 2H Front Splitter, Duck Bill Trunk Spoiler for FR-S & BRZ and Side Skirt Diffuser Extenisions for FR-S & BRZ, coupled with the dark finish on the wheels, creates a stylistically sound red-and-carbon theme that matches the upholstery style on the interior.

For more information about FR-S Exterior Upgrades, check out these 13 Great Mods to get some ideas, or to start shopping now Click Here for Subaru BRZ Exterior Mods and Click Here for Scion FR-S Exterior Mods.- and if you’re interested in upgrading your own FR-S or BRZ, talk to the Mod Experts. Give us a call at 714-582-3330, or if text is more your speed, chat with our experts live on today!

Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos by Pages Photography