Sean Singh, one of our resident Mod Experts, is no stranger to the track with his monstrous BMW E92 M3. Anyone who’s accustomed to pushing their cars on the track knows that managing heat can make the difference between setting a new personal best and burning up your engine or drive train. The harder you push your car, the harder it has to work to keep everything cool enough to run properly, and unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t design their cars for extended high performance driving sessions where overheating is a very real concern that could lead to a hefty repair bill. Luckily, there are aftermarket cooling upgrades that can keep your car running at top condition no matter how hard you push it.


CSF offers a plethora of cooling systems featuring cutting edge technology to help your car stay cool on and off the track. Thoroughly established as the premier radiator and cooling manufacturer, CSF has over 4 decades of experience in the cooling industry, and they supply cooling solutions to a number of racing teams who rely on their systems’ impeccable quality and effectiveness.

Sean’s BMW E92 M3 was outfitted with the full suite of CSF cooling upgrades to ensure that it could handle the rigors of hard core track driving.csf-sean-e92-5

The CSF radiator offers perfect fitment and is hardly noticeable inside the engine bay, although it offers considerably more efficient cooling. Stealth cooling at its finest. CSF’s proprietary B-Tube Technology and 2-row core improves cooling performance by up to 20% more than the OEM unit.


CSF’s sleek and highly effective oil cooler that is designed to mount just beneath their radiator in the OEM mounting location. This improved oil cooler not only cools the engine oil more effectively, it also helps maintain a more stable temperature regardless of how hard you’re stepping on the throttle.


Next up, we have CSF’s transmission oil cooler. What’s the point in keeping the engine cool if your transmission can’t keep up with the power you’re trying to put down. Their transmission oil cooler helps keep your transmission’s oil within the appropriate operating temperature to help improve shifting while keeping your gears safe and properly lubricated.


Finally, the CSF power steering cooler mounts just ahead of their radiator and helps maintain the temperature of the BMW E92 M3’s power steering fluid to ensure you keep the precision handling and steering that the M3 is so well known for.

Together, CSF’s cooling parts work together beautifully to keep the BMW E92 M3 operating smoothly and safely regardless of the running conditions, but they truly shine on the track when heat management truly gets tested. So before you get carried away adding power mods or upgrading your suspension for ultimate handling, don’t forget that managing all the heat your car generates can be just as important and could make the difference at your next track day or autocross. For more information about CSF cooling solutions for your car, please call our Mod Expert Sean at 714-582-3330 x8009 or visit us in the shop!

Story and Photos by Mark-Robin Ual