Every so often, an enthusiast ends up involved in manufacturing parts for their community- and that’s the story with Vollkommen Design. We’re pleased to announce that ModBargains now offers Vollkommen Design’s full line of products for the BMW E90, E9X M3 and F10. Founded just in 2012, Vollkommen is a newcomer to the BMW styling scene, but they’ve made a huge splash already. They’ve recently released a sleek yet aggressive WTCC-inspired widebody setup for the BMW E90 3-series and we hope it’s not the last- the market could use more great-looking widebody options.

Photography by John Zhang, 1013mm - via Vollkommen Official

Photography by John Zhang, 1013mm – via Vollkommen Official

If you’ve ever had a lip on a low or lowered car, you’ll immediately understand why it is so cool that Vollkommen offers most of their lips in super-durable polyurethane. Given how many steep driveways and potholes there are just in SoCal, it’s easy to appreciate a front lip that’ll stand up to the abuse of every day driving – or even the occasional track day – without worrying about damaging your lip. Polyurethane, unlike fiberglass, flexes under pressure (along with the paint), keeping your lip intact and paint mostly intact as well. 


Vollkommen’s current offerings include this front lip for E90 LCI models with the Mtech front bumper, finishing off the sporty look.

The F10 5-Series gets some love too, with this durable polyurethane front lip for M5 models that features brake cooling ducts. 

BMW-F30-Quad-Diffuser-for-Msport-02This sleek polyurethane quad exhaust rear diffuser for the F30 makes the rear of the car much more aggressive.


This track-inspired GT4 Style front lip splitter for E9X M3 compliments the OEM front bumper perfectly and is manufactured in durable FRP. The functional brake ducts also channel air to keep the brakes cool under spirited driving conditions.

Check out the full line of Vollkommen product here!

We’re thrilled to have Vollkommen on board here and look forward to installing more than a few of these. If you’re interested in picking up a set, or have any questions, give us a call at 714-582-3330 to speak with one of our Modification Experts.

Story Nicholas Gregson
Photos Courtesy Vollkommen Design & 1013MM