A set of great looking wheels and tires along with lowering the suspension is a great place to start with modding any car, whether that’s a BMW or a Mustang – and Sr Mod Expert Alan knows a thing or two about Mustangs, which is why Kenneth B brought in his 2015 Ford Mustang GT [S550] in to Mod Auto to lower the Mustang to better compliment the car’s existing Niche Targa M129 Wheels for Mustang. The factory ride height, even with the performance package, leaves enough wheelgap for rallycross- so for your wheels to look their best, lowering your Mustang Suspension is a must.
While the H&R Super Sport Springs for S550 Ford Mustang GT are supposed to offer a 1.6in front / 1.75in rear drop, in reality, after settling, the springs lower the car by almost a full 2in front and rear, giving the car a much more aggressive look and sharper handling.
Ken tells us,
“Even though I don’t have too much of a baseline from stock to go off of– because I had the Springs put on so soon after buying it– but it is a little more harsh, but far more precise. (the Mustang) doesn’t bounce around as much and is more flat and neutral through the turns. Once settled in, it is nearly a 2″ drop. Alan was easy to work with, and the install was easy in and out.”
The Performance Package front grille looks great on the car, making it look “right”.
 From 10 feet, the stance of the car looks great, with a bit of squat in the rear because the factory springs in the trunk.
 Closer up, combination of wheels and lowered suspension give’s Ken’s Mustang GT a very clean, classy look. A gentleman’s Mustang, if you will.
 After a few months of having the springs on the car, Ken still loves the feel of the car on the H&Rs and has recently upgraded to Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, giving the car even better grip.
 Whether in daylight or out and about, the car looks great sitting low on a set of unique looking wheels and stands out from the crowd.
 Ken even got the chance to shoot the car in the iconic LA riverbed, near the world-famous and now-gone 6th Street Bridge, an iconic shot that says “This is Los Angeles”.

We love the way Ken’s GT came out with just a few subtle tweaks – it just goes to show how easy it can be for your car to look great.

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Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time! Thanks to Kenneth B for sharing his build with us.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson

Select Photos Courtesy Kenneth Bass