Yesterday we had a massively successful Meet and Greet event here at ModBargains with Chelsea DeNofa and Vaughn Gittin Jr of the RTR Motorsports Formula D team with the pair of #brostangs, the 1000-HP Roush-Yates powered Mustang RTR Spec 5D’s the two of them will be competing in at this weekend’s Formula D season opener on the streets of Long Beach.

We had the BroStangs out because for the first time ModBargains will be appearing on Vaughn’s Formula D race car, something we’re wicked stoked about over here.

While I’ve seen this Mustang before in photos, it’s really something to see in person – there’s a hell of a lot more that separates these wild stallions from even high-powered street driven ponycars, a lot of which you can really appreciate seeing them in detail.

One of the most notable differences between these and your average pony car, or even drag race car is the location of the radiator. The radiators have been relocated to the rear of the car, installed right where the rear window meets the rear decklid with massive fans everywhere. It makes perfect sense for a drift car – it’s going to tag the front end on something at some point, so why leave the vulnerable radiator exposed? Venting everywhere helps keep the smoke from the Nitto Tires out of the cockpit as much as is possible. Can’t drift if you can’t see, right?

Here’s the interior of Chelsea DeNofa’s Mustang – note the massive hydraulic E-brake handle for precise control of the slideways action.
Something else worth noticing is the ride height on these cars – note that they’re not slammed, but rather have plenty of suspension travel to allow for movement as the cars are thrown into corners with aggressive slip angles. The finned rear differential helps keep things cool and the power to both wheels.

Drifting is inherently hard on a car, so many components need to be significantly reworked and reinforced for the purpose. And see those fat blocks of aluminum on either side? Those beefy bastards are the control arms.

Yeah the cars are cool, but the guys themselves were pretty cool and took the time to tour the facility.

Vaughn and Chelsea took the time to meet every single person on staff and saw our setup first hand – and told us we do have a pretty sick setup here.

The #brostangs duo were really cool and talked to everyone that came up to them and signed all sorts of things, from the typical like posters to Engine Covers.

Vaughn and Chelsea drew enthusiasts from all over SoCal, and the guys sure knew what they were looking at. This Roots Supercharged 3.7L V6 Mustang was one of Vaughn’s favorites which appeared on the livestream.

A man of the people, Vaughn was kickin it with everyone from the minute he rolled up.

Chelsea DeNofa mans the megaphone for the raffle drawing.

“I WON!” says the dude in the purple shirt. “Just kidding.”

We had a great time and had a massive turnout with tons of unique vehicles – check out the gallery below.



The event was a rousing success and Vaughn took off in a cloud of tiresmoke – this epic burnout quickly obscured our camera lens just a second or so after this shot.

Good luck to Vaughn Gittin Jr and Chelsea DeNofa today at Formula D Long Beach and we are on our way out there to shoot the event ourselves in person.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the gallery.

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