modbargains-audi-a6-avant-garde-m510-9259The right set of wheels can make the difference on nearly any car, and lately the Avant Garde M510 has been a popular choice for all kinds of vehicles. The A6 is the grown-up brother of the A4, the family man with a fat 401k to the A4’s more “frat boy” personality, and so a set of classy looking wheels is a prerequisite to give the car the aesthetics it needs to stand out without being a sore thumb in the competitive SoCal car scene.

modbargains-audi-a6-avant-garde-m510-9264Senior Modification Expert Alan Wei conferred with the owner of the A6 to work out what the right fitment would be for the wheels of this Audi. When choosing a fitment, it’s important to remember to think about what suspension mods you have in order to ensure you have a trouble-free fitment. Alan considered that this car already sported a set of H&R Sport Springs for C7 Audi A6, and with the Avant Garde M510 Wheels for Audi, Alan recommended a fitment of 20×10 on all four corners, wrapped in Falken 453 255/35-20 tires.


Avant Garde M510 5x112mm Machined Silver
20×10 Front/Rear
Falken 453 255-35/20 tires


Combined with the lower ride height of the H&R Sport Springs, these M510 Wheels for Audi are a tasteful complement to this executive saloon. 


This Audi A6 on Avant Garde M510 Wheels is the automotive equivalent of a tailored suit. Handsome, classy and refined.modbargains-audi-a6-avant-garde-m510-9252

If you’d like to get the same sort of expert advice that we provided this Audi got when determining what fits with his H&R Sport Springs or if you’re just looking for Parts for C7 Audi A6, talk to the Modification Experts like Alan Wei (x8006) – call us at 714-582-3330 today or visit

Story by Nick Gregson in Collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Alan Wei
Photos by Charles Pages

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