Bimmerfest is upon us, the largest BMW event in the country hosted right here in Southern California. Over a decade old, Bimmerfest has attracted thousands upon thousands of BMW enthusiasts to one location for a weekend that celebrates the passion we all share as automotive enthusiasts.

ModBargains is no stranger to Bimmerfest, we’ve been attending the event for 15 years! Even after over a decade, though, it still has that new-show-smell, and we’re still just as excited to see what each year brings. What are we bringing, you might ask? Well, let’s take a look.


Sal’s Nardo M3 (@KleaperM3)

One of the most renowned M3s on social media, Sal is no stranger to bimmerfest. We’re excited to have his F80 at our booth, prominently displaying his new AP Racing Radi-CAL BBK with J-hook rotors in the front and rear which sit beneath satin black HRE P101 wheels. His KW V3 coilover suspension creates the perfect stance, made even better by the carbon fiber diffuser, lip, and side skirts by Mode Carbon. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the rest of his mods this weekend at our booth!

Alan’s Alpine White M4 (@Aw.m4)

ModBargains GM Alan Wei is no stranger to modifying cars, nor bimmerfest, so his F82 is the perfect addition to our 2019 booth. Underneath his beautiful HRE Classic 300 wheels sit an AP Racing Radi-CAL Front and Rear BBK, providing both form and function. Alan’s M4 sits on Swift springs and features a full Revozport carbon fiber kit to complement the aggressive F82 styling. Come hear his Remus exhaust in person when you check out the car at our booth!

Austin’s Satin Mineral Grey M4 (@Bmw_mg_f82)

Ever seen BMW Mineral Grey in a satin finish? Austin’s F82 is coated with Xpel Stealth, giving it a highly unique satin finish. Austin’s car also features the newly released HRE R101 Lightweight, some of the lightest wheels the manufacturer has ever released, with an AP Racing Radi-CAL Front and Rear BBK helping them come to a stop. This M4 is also adorned with Morph Auto Design forged carbon trim, providing aggressive styling and a very unique texture that is rarely seen on BMWs. Come check out Austin’s new goodies and see the stealth finish for yourself at our booth!

Rob’s Imola Red M3 (@rob.hulsey)

If you want to see a quality up-and-coming build, look no further than Rob’s M3 ZCP. Coming out the gates at a sprint, Rob’s gone from stock car to rock star in a matter of weeks. Rob’s engine bay has been freshly outfitted with a CSF Top-mount charge air cooler, Evolution Racewerks charge pipes, and an Eventuri Red Kevlar air intakes, proving to be one mean looking S55 under that Imola hood. Outside, the car sports carbon fiber trim and sits on HRE 540 wheels wrapped in Michelin PS4S tires. Come see this beast in person at Bimmerfest!

Mike’s Marina Bay Blue M5 (@m5bmwf90)

Big body fans rejoice, Mike’s F90 brings the balance we know and love from the M5 – performance and luxury. This M5 is lowered on Vogtland springs to give it a more aggressive look to match the HRE RC104‘s that it sits on, wrapped in Michelin PS4S tires. Adding to this aggression, a Remus Race Catback Exhaust provides a deep, powerful tone that complements the car much better than the factory exhaust, which is a whisper by comparison.

Bimmerfest: The Show

Another year, another incredible show at Bimmerfest! This year was the event’s 20th anniversary, and marked the largest Bimmerfest in history! We’re so excited to have been a part of it, housing 5 amazing cars at our booth and appreciating what everyone else had to offer. For those that weren’t there, or those that want to recap their experience at the show, here’s a quick overview of the show!

Day One, May 25th

A warm, sunny day in Southern California made for beautiful weather at Auto Club Speedway. The streets of Fontana, CA were filled with BMWs of all flavors; classics, track rockets, low-n-slow builds, and stock-as-they-come cars. All were exactly where they belonged as roll-in took place. At the ModBargains booth, we were busy setting up for the busy day ahead. Sal’s Nardo Grey M3, Alan’s Alpine White M4, Austin’s Mineral Grey M4, and Rob’s Imola Red M3 all looked show-ready as we proudly positioned them in front of our booth.

When the show began at 10, the line to enter didn’t get any smaller. In fact, the surrounding streets were backed up as far as the eye could see from the gates; we were even told that the coordinators considered closing the gates from new attendees since the show was already nearly at capacity only a few hours in. Luckily, the show went on!

We had a great day of talking to the people that make the car community so great: you! From meeting new customers, veteran ModBargains supporters, or passionate enthusiasts, you guys are what make shows like Bimmerfest and our role in the community possible.


As the show wound down, we said goodbye to Sal, who we were thankful spent his one free day with us so far from home. Our GM Alan won 2nd best modified M in Battle of the Bimmers, so celebrations were had all ’round. Sunburnt, we headed home and prepared for the next day.

Day Two, May 26th

Well, they say California weather is unpredictable for a reason. What was a sunny and warm Day One turned into a cloudy and rainy Day Two. Our booth was joined by Mike’s F90 M5, giving us four cars once more, and completing our red, white, and blue arrangement to celebrate the coming Memorial Day holiday.


Overall attendance slowed down for Sunday, which is typical of Bimmerfest. Despite a quieter show, we manned a busy booth that gave us just as many great interactions as the first day’s did. Traditionally, Bimmerfest ends a little earlier on the second day to make room in the schedule for the parade lap that show cars take around the track at Auto Club. We had opted out of the parade, in favor of watching it from the stands, then celebrating amongst ourselves taking some photos of the cars that remained at our booth. Alan took home another Battle of the Bimmers award, this time taking 1st place in Best Modified M, and Rob entered his F80 to win 3rd Best Modified M.

Once the booth was packed up, goodbyes were said, and the show was officially closed, we left with the same sentiment as a child has on Christmas night; excited, because we just finished experiencing the largest Bimmerfest ever, and one of our favorite events of the year, yet sad, because just like that, it was over. However, just like every year, the sadness only lasts until we realize next year will be better than the last.

See you at Bimmerfest 2020!