Since 2007, Apex Race Wheels have been hard at work developing wheels in ideal sizes and fitments for performance-oriented cars, but where Apex stands apart from your average wheel company is that these wheels have been specifically engineered to have the strength to withstand the abuse of racing and rough/aggressive street use. As a result, Apex wheels are lightweight, strong, good looking and ready to handle whatever you can throw at it on the road course. We’re pleased to offer this new line of wheels at ModBargains and believe in the quality wheels the Apex guys are producing.

Available in fitments specifically chosen for the Ford Mustang, Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, these wheels are a great choice whether you just plan to cruise to the local meet at Sonic’s or go balls-out hog wild on the road course at Horse-thief Mile thanks to their lightweight, strong and WIDE wheel configurations. Ditch your narrow, heavy wheels today and make the switch to Apex!

The EC-7 wheel for Mustang from Apex Wheels offers a number of perks to its design. Its split 7-spoke design offers great strength, as a 7-spoke wheel is one of the strongest possible wheel configurations (as tested by Mazda back in the 90s – this is why the OG NA Miata has 7-spoke alloy wheels), the EC7 weighs just a hair over 22lbs for an 18×10 wheel, drastically reducing unsprung weight, improving handling, acceleration and braking.

Then you have the ARC-8 wheels for FR-S, a great choice for the FR-S and BRZ crowd.


 Designed with the fitment and offsets needed for an FR-S, BRZ or GT86 (or whatever you want to call it) – in 17″ diameter to keep unsprung weight down and 17×9 width (ET42 by the way) means you can put some seriously grippy wide tires on these bad boys. That 17″ diameter and the design of the ARC-8 keeps it light enough to tip the scales at a featherweight 17.8lbs – your stock wheels weigh approximately 20.2lbs. Considering that the “rotational mass” of the wheel on the car while it’s moving is basically quadrouples its weight – 17.8x4x4 means the rolling weight of the wheels is 284.8 for the set, as opposed to the stock wheels which add up to 323.2lbs – 40lbs of difference and with wider wheels and tires, too. Because the engine has less resistance on pushing it forward, acceleration and braking are improved and the reduction in weight enhances handling. I’m oversimplifying the physics here, but you get the basic idea. Available in Race Silver, Anthracite and Satin Black, you’re sure to find a set that suits your FT86’s style.

All in all, if you’re looking for a set of BRZ wheels or FR-S wheels that will look great on the street and be able to stand up to the abuse of today’s deteriorating roads and the rigors of road racing, look no further than Apex Wheels. If you’d like to order a set of Apex Wheels for your car or if you have questions about fitment or advice, we invite you to talk to the Modification Experts at ModBargains – our experts have the experience to recommend parts that provide the gains you’re looking for and will fit the way you imagined. Call us today at 714-582-3330 or email us at or chat live with us on .

Story by Nicholas Gregson