revotechnic-focus-st-feature-car-in-bay-001A few weeks back local Focus ST owner/enthusiast Collin was looking at a new intake upgrade for his Ford Focus ST. Collin’s Focus ST wasn’t exactly stock coming in- Collin had done what’s called a “muffler delete” and also installed a Cobb AccessPORT V3 for Ford Focus ST to unlock the full power of his EcoBoost 2.0T, but something was still missing.


RevoTechnik is a tuner that’s fairly well known over in Europe, and is now finally bringing their range of high quality performance parts to the states for our crop of tuner hot hatches. It is ModBargains’ pleasure to say that we are the first RevoTechnik dealer on the West Coast. First to arrive here is the RevoTechnik Intake for Ford Focus ST. We needed to find someone to see how these intakes performed firsthand for ourselves. Being the resident ST specialist here at ModBargains, I reached out to the community and remembered Collin was looking for an intake, so it was a perfect fit. I put Collin in touch with our newest Mod Expert Jake to schedule the install and we got to work.


Collin had a great view of the action from our newly-rennovated Customer Lounge, and our two new Bendpaks lifts give us the capacity to be modding multiple cars in the same day. Take a look at the details that make up the RevoTechnik Air Intake for 2013-15 Ford Focus ST in the photos below.



Featuring a hard aluminum filter-to-turbo-inlet pipe and silicon couplers, this intake’s airpath has been streamlined for maximum power gains.
Here’s a look at Collin’s engine bay in stock configuration with just a high flow air filter.

The actual install itself is pretty painless, and in just a few moments we’d installed the RevoTechnik intake.


Now compare that to how the RevoTechnik intake fits in the same space. The tubing looks like it belongs there and the heat shield design runs up to the full height of the radiator core support, meaning this offers more effective heat shielding than other designs.

This heat shield design retains the use of the OEM “RAM AIR” scoop, a feature we really liked.revotechnic-focus-st-intake-013


So, how does it perform? Well, here’s what Collin had to say himself!

“Now to the intake. Let me first just say that it’s a damn good quality piece. Everything looks good, feels good, and most importantly, sounds good. The difference in sounds is ridiculous.”


“If you are one who doesn’t want to hear what your turbo is doing, stay far, far away from this intake. If you are like me, who loves the whistle of a turbo, go for it 100%. The first thing I noticed was how much more pronounced the whistle was. I absolutely love it.”

“The butt dyno could definitely feel some more grunt, so that’s another very welcome change. I’ve only had it for a few hours now so I can’t really say much in the way of durability but I doubt it will ever start to fall apart because its build quality is just wonderful. I guess the only thing I have to complain about is the lack of colors, haha. I think blue would look cooler in my ST’s bay than black, although black keeps everything stealthy/stock looking. All in all, I can’t be much happier. A great intake installed by some great people for a great price! It’s a win, win, win situation and I’m not complaining.”

Thanks to Collin for being the first to show off this great new intake for the Focus ST – to order yours, give us a call at 714-582-3330 to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable Modification Experts.

Story By Nicholas Gregson
Photos by Ian Nicholas Gregson and Mod Expert Jake Amatisto
Special Thanks to Collin

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