As enthusiasts ourselves, we love project car builds and being able to see the progress as a car evolves from stock to stunning. We introduced you to Thomas B’s E46 330ci a while back after he picked up a set of ESM-007 wheels. It’s been a little while and since then Thomas’ E46 330ci has undergone quite the transformation.


And it’s become this…

Thomas has made some serious upgrades to his E46 330ci. After the ESM-007 wheels for BMW, this E46 got the drop to match with a set of BC Coilovers. Being a higher mileage car, she was beginning to show her age, so a set of new shocks and springs was probably overdue, making the BC Racing Coilovers for BMW E46 an especially attractive option. The suspension overall was given a good freshening, and the end result is clear – even on coilovers, yes, it is stiffer than stock but still rides great. It’s not at all uncomfortable and makes for a great daily driver. It’s not just the fresh coilovers, it took new front control arm bushings, new tie rod ends, Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm Bushings and SPC rear adjustable lower control arms.
bmw-e46-esm007wheels-m3bumper-bc-coilovers-cf-lip-007With an older E46, the stiffer ride of Coilovers can sometimes cause “Mushrooming” at the top of the shock tower mounts, so to prevent this Thomas has fitted a set of Shock Mount Reinforcement Plates front and rear to keep his E46 Suspension dialed in.


As you can see, Thomas didn’t stop there with just coilovers and a suspension rebuild. Being a car with some miles and a few years on her, this blue beauty was showing some “wrinkles” as you might say – the front bumper had its share of rock chips and the rear had a few parking lot scars that marred the paint. Thanks to a great paint match, Thomas has given his 330ci an all new look with a E46 M3 replacement style bumper paired with some Carbon Fiber E46 M3 CSL style Splitters to give the car a gorgeous aggressive look. 

bmw-e46-esm007wheels-m3bumper-bc-coilovers-cf-lip-002 bmw-e46-esm007wheels-m3bumper-bc-coilovers-cf-lip-005

Rounding out the look out back is a also-new M-Tech II Rear Bumper for E46 and some ZHP E46 Side Skirts. Overall, simply replacing the worn out bumpers with freshly painted ones – AND simultaneously switching to a more stylish set of bumpers and side skirts gave the car’s transformation a really dramatic effect.

bmw-e46-esm007wheels-m3bumper-bc-coilovers-cf-lip-001 bmw-e46-esm007wheels-m3bumper-bc-coilovers-cf-lip-006

Thomas tells us his plans for the car are fitting with a Short Shifter from an E60, a set of M3-spec motor and transmission mounts and a Hotchkis Front Sway Bars to tailor the handling a little bit further.

Overall, we’ve been really impressed by what Thomas has been able to do with his car in such a short amount of time working together with Mod Expert Alan Wei. We can’t wait to see this car in its final form, but as works in progress go, Thomas has made some serious progress.

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Story by Nicholas Gregson
Photos by Doug Johnson