Even the mighty E46 BMW M3 gets old. With more than 50k on the clock, the OEM shock absorbers are often done on most cars, and the E46 is no exception. Even so, the original shocks could sometimes be lacking in precision under certain circumstances – which is why the white BMW E46 M3 you see here came in to see Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman to give this M3 a new lease on life.BMW_E46_m3_Koni_Shocks_Eibach_Springs_VMR_VB3_19x85_19x95-10While otherwise in nice shape, it was the suspension of this M3 that needed attention. To maximize on bang for the buck without deviating too much from stock, Mod Expert Elliott recommended a Koni FSD + Eibach Springs package for BMW E46 M3 from Eibach in collaboration with Koni Shock Absorbers, a matched pair of shock+spring.


Long renowned for their handling prowess by autocross nerds, the Koni Shocks & Struts for BMW E46 M3 sharpen the handling of the car significantly and offer response unmatched by the OEM units.


The Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs for BMW E46 M3 lower the M3 .6in up front and .9in at the rear, offering a mild drop and a lower center of gravity. This is a much better pairing than installing lowering springs with the OEM shocks, as the Konis are designed with a lower ride height than stock in mind, meaning they will wear at a normal rate.



While the car was in the air, we noticed the aftermarket BMW E46 M3 Exhaust, but weren’t able to figure the brand – but we did note the great looking Carbon Fiber CSL Style Diffuser for BMW E46 M3.


Then to complete the look, Elliott set the M3 up with a set of VMR Wheels VB3 Matte Black Wheels for BMW E46 M3, spec’d at 19×8.5 et35 up front and 19×9.5 et22 in the rear.

With a fresh set of VMR Wheels and tires, a drop on Eibach Springs and brand new Koni shocks, this M3 looks and handles better than new.

BMW_E46_m3_Koni_Shocks_Eibach_Springs_VMR_VB3_19x85_19x95-23 Check out how the Matte Black wheels catch light differently for a few different angles.BMW_E46_m3_Koni_Shocks_Eibach_Springs_VMR_VB3_19x85_19x95-13 BMW_E46_m3_Koni_Shocks_Eibach_Springs_VMR_VB3_19x85_19x95-15Here’s another shot of that Carbon Fiber CSL Style Diffuser.
BMW_E46_m3_Koni_Shocks_Eibach_Springs_VMR_VB3_19x85_19x95-18Elliott hands off the keys to the owner, who seems very pleased with the end result – and frankly, so are we.
BMW_E46_m3_Koni_Shocks_Eibach_Springs_VMR_VB3_19x85_19x95-20We hope you enjoyed seeing this E46 M3 get some suspension work done to ensure it lives up to the title “Ultimate Driving Machine” for many thousands of miles to come.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson

Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs for E46 BMW M3
Koni Shock Absorbers for BMW M3
VMR Wheels VB3 – Matte Black
F: 19×8.5 ET35 / R: 19×9.5 ET22