Recaro is certainly one of the most established and popular aftermarket seat manufacturers around. They recently shared some exciting news for our off-road enthusiast friends! As of January 20th, 2021 the RECARO® Pro Racer XL-ORV seat successfully passed the test from FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and was approved, receiving certification to FIA standard 8855-1999.The RECARO® Pro Racer-XL ORV addresses off-road race-vehicle requirements. It is ergonomically designed to provide outstanding support while offering protection for the back and neck against all the forces of a dirt track. The specially designed head surround for better visibility, the friction grip surface around the shoulders, and the highly-effective energy-absorbing ENRg+™ Performance* cushion foam are all essential when pushing off-road race vehicles to the limit. The seat is suitable for 4-, 5- or 6-point belts as well as HANS/FHR systems. Its particularly robust cover materials are both weather and abrasion-resistant.”Recaro understands the importance of creating safety for drivers in all conditions and that’s at the core of racing shell development at Recaro Automotive. With their long-standing commitment to safety, it was imperative to design and engineer an off-road racing shell that withstands the extreme conditions endured by the participants of the sport, including the ambitious and challenging off-road and vertical impact standards regulated by the FIA.

“Off-road racing is a growing market. Recaro Automotive made the natural decision to assume a leadership role through the FIA certification of our newest shell. Doing so demonstrates our unending commitment to drivers safety in our race products,” said Emil Kreycik, President and COO Recaro Automotive.

See the world’s first application of the RECARO® Pro Racer XL-ORV seat on custom-built Bronco 4400 race trucks. The Bronco brand debuted the Ultra4 4400 series race trucks at the 2021 King of the Hammers off-road event in Johnson Valley, Calif. yesterday (February 1, 2021) with its all-star lineup of off-road racing veterans, including Vaughn Gittin Jr. and teammate, three-time King of the Hammers champion, Loren Healy.

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