We’ve been waiting for the 7th generation VW Golf GTI to show up in our shop, and when Kelly L showed up in this 2015 VW Golf GTI, we weren’t disappointed. Mod Expert Alan Wei had set up the first Mk7 GTI to come through the shop with a fresh new set of wheels from VMR Wheels to sharpen the look of VW’s latest generation of the original ‘hot hatch’.

VMR_Wheels_V810_on_MK7_VW_Golf_GTI_img-1The OEM wheels for VW Golf GTI Mk 7 aren’t terrible, but honestly the square lines look more appropriate for a Volvo or something.


VMR Wheels recently stepped up from their original 7XX series of cast wheels and now offers a high quality Flow Form line – the 8XX series – Alan knew just the wheel for the lines of the GTI Mk7 – a set of VMR V810 Wheels for VW.

VMR_Wheels_V810_on_MK7_VW_Golf_GTI_img-8Alan spec’d out the VMR V810 wheels at 18×8.5 ET45 squared – meaning the front and rear are the same size/offset.
VMR_Wheels_V810_on_MK7_VW_Golf_GTI_img-5Keeping the GTI planted on the ground are the OEM 225/40-18 tires.
VMR_Wheels_V810_on_MK7_VW_Golf_GTI_img-6 We really like the little touches VW puts into things, like the massive GTI lettering on the brake calipers. The stock suspension is still present so there’s a bit of wheelgap, but it’s not that bad.VMR_Wheels_V810_on_MK7_VW_Golf_GTI_img-7Overall this set of VMR V810 wheels really sharpens up the look of the MK7 VW Golf GTI.

Thanks for joining us, we’ll see you next time!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson