VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-002A couple weeks ago we first met Jeff D at our Bimmers n Breakfast E9X meetup at the ModAuto showroom/shop in La Habra, CA – despite being the only VW to roll up, the fact that this Mk 6 VW Golf GTI rolls on a set of genuine BBS wheels alone makes it a real head turner.
VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-000The GTI was on a set of coilovers then, but they were a low quality set on their last legs, and in need of replacement. After chatting about it, we put Jeff in touch with Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei to get Jeff’s GTI suspension riding and handling great again to match those sick wheels for VW GTI.


Given how many sets of coilovers we’ve done here, the ModAuto techs had the old coilovers out in minutes.VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-2

Alan recommended Jeff go with a set of ST Suspension coilovers – a set of ST XA Coilovers for VW Golf GTI MK VI.

VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-1From the rear we can really appreciate how the rear suspension is put together and how it articulates.

VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-3Tech Juan takes the GTI for a spin around the parking lot to check that the coilovers are properly adjusted and that nothing is rubbing.

Satisfied, Juan takes it back into the garage to reinstall the centercaps and do final adjustments.

After we set the suspension to the height Jeff wanted, we reinstalled the centercaps and took a step back to scope out the finished product.

VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-12VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-6 VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-7 VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-8 VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-9 VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_ST_Coilovers_BBS_Impul_18x8_18x9_-10

All in all, this VW pulls off a look that’s both clean and head turning, managing to look great without being “in your face” about it like “louder” builds tend to do.

Interested in making your GTI look this clean? Talk to our Mod Experts like Alan, give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan), chat live on ModBargains.com or just stop by the ModAuto showroom in La Habra, CA any day during business hours to see what we can do for your ride.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson