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The VW Golf Mk 6 is a fun little hot hatch, but that’s not to say that it’s not without areas where it could use improvement. As we said in our Best Mods for VW Golf GTI Mk 6 guide a while back, the factory exhaust system is a clinically German, and much too quiet for hooliganery on American roads.

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Which is why Jason H brought his Mk 6 in to see Mod Expert “The” Mark P, the legendary VW guru and one of our newest Mod Experts here at ModAuto about an upgraded exhaust system for his GTI.

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The first order of business was removing the factory dual split exit exhaust system, which our techs made quick work of on a GTI.

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To give Jason H’s GTI a whole new look and sound, Mark recommended Jason go with a system from Remus Exhaust. Remus developed the exhaust system on the OG VW Beetle RSi 300hp AWD Rallycross cars and was also responsible for the exhaust system on the DTM BMW M3 race cars, so their systems have a fantastic sound and look great.

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To give the Mk VI Golf Exterior a new look, the Remus Exhaust for Mk 6 VW Golf GTI relocates the tips to a center exit setup, like you see on the mighty Golf R. To facilitate this, the Remus Exhaust also includes a carbon fiber look rear diffuser to accommodate the new exhaust configuration.

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Before mounting the exhaust, Juan, our Installation Technician test-fits the new diffuser to confirm fitment.

VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (9)After confirming the diffuser fits properly, Juan mounts the exhaust system.

VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (11)

Here’s how it looks going together.

After mounting it all up and tightening everything down, all we had left to do was take it outside to appreciate the finished product.

VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (1)

Here’s a straight on look at the new exhaust configuration, it looks great and offers a clean yet more intimidating look.
VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (14)
The tips protrude just enough to allow a glimpse of the carbon fiber inserts on top of each of the tips.
VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (16) The Remus Sport Exhaust for Mk 6 VW Golf GTI features Remus Exhaust‘s trademark “Street Race” style tips, featuring a round, straight cut exhaust tip with a carbon fiber insert, which pairs nicely with the carbon fiber look diffuser.VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (17) From the side profile, the new lines of the rear diffuser are just barely visible.
VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (19)
VW_Golf_GTI_Mk6_Remus_Exhaust_CenterExit (20)

Just the addition of an exhaust made a dramatic change to the sound and look of Jason’s GTI, we love how the car came out . Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Interested in modding your GTI? Check out our guide to the Best Mods for the Mk 6 VW Golf GTI here, then consult our Mod Experts like Mark, aka “The Mark P”, give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8002 for Mark), chat live on ModBargains.com or just stop by the ModAuto showroom in La Habra, CA any day during business hours to see what we can do for your ride.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson