An exhaust really changes the look, feel and sound of your car, making is one of the most-fun-per-dollar mods around, since you’ll find yourself grinning every time you give the ol’ Go-Pedal a stab. Chase Y was tired of the boring factory B8 Audi S5 Exhaust and wanted to spice things up with a more aggressive sound, but didn’t want to ruin the luxurious feel of the car. Mod Expert Sean had just the thing in mind and recommended Chase opt for a Touring exhaust system from AWE Tuning.

To give the otherwise stock S5 a more distinct look, a set of Diamond Black exhaust tips was chosen, and for exactly the sound level Chase was after, Sean set him up with an AWE Tuning V8 S5 4.2L Touring Exhaust. The AWE Tuning exhaust system yields both more power and a richer, more sophisticated sound while also enhancing the car’s appearance quite a bit.

The diamond black tips look great in person but are challenging to photograph – check them out in the photos below.

From the side profile, the quad tips protrude just the slightest bit for a menacing look.

Just the exhaust system alone can alter the character of your car and make it worlds more fun to drive, too.

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Story & All Original Photos by Nick Gregson