A while back, Ryan S was looking for a new set of wheels to give his E46 BMW 330ci a fresh new look. Ryan reached out to Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei to make that happen. Alan’s an old hand with BMW E46 wheels and their fitments, which made narrowing down the right wheel pretty straightforward.

bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-2Alan set Ryan up with a set of Sportline CS.16 wheels for BMW E46, spec’d in 19×8.5 ET 35 up front, 19×9.5 ET45 in the rear to give the E46 the stance its clean, classic lines deserved. We also have the CS.16 in stock, making it super quick to put a wheel and tire package together.bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-3bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-4The clean styling of the E46 is a perfect fit to the super clean 16-spoke mesh design.bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-6bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-8Giving the car a beefier look are a set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 tires, spec’d at 235/35-19 up front, 265/30-19 out back.bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-11bmw_E46_330ci_sportline_CS16_19x85et35_19x95et45_csl_style_wheels_-13

With a bit of guidance from Mod Expert Alan, Ryan’s E46 is looking good for years to come.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos. See you next time!

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Sportline CS.16
19×8.5 ET35
19×9 ET45
Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2

Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson