This morning we had the pleasure of giving this gorgeous blue Subaru BRZ an all new look – courtesy of a new set of wheels for BRZ (5x100mm) and a drop in ride height to match courtesy of a brand new set of coilovers. Check out how we give this GT86 the stance it deserves.

A set of ST Suspensions Coilovers for BRZ drop the ride height to the perfect level. Given that we almost never see snow or road salt here in SoCal, ST Suspensions Coilovers are a great choice and the high quality KW-built shock bodies used in ST coilovers are able to cope with the less-than-perfect roads of LA County (Hey LA, can you get on fixing those potholes please?).

subaru-brz-new-wheels-st-suspensions-coilovers-toms-tails-ark-exhaust-008Bye bye stock wheels!

The wheels that the customer chose to go with was a set of Enkei RPF1s, recommended by the Mod Experts. The Mod Experts were able to recommend a fitment of 18×9.5 square setup with an offset of ET38 on all four corners. The wider Enkei Wheels allowed us to fit a set of 255-series tires, giving the BRZ a major increase in the size of its contact patch, enhancing traction and roadholding ability. subaru-brz-new-wheels-st-suspensions-coilovers-toms-tails-ark-exhaust-005

We balanced the Enkei RPF1 wheel and tire on our Hunter GSP9700 “Road Force Balancer” – this highly advanced balance machine is much more sophisticated than the average tire shop balancer – the GSP9700 lowers a roller loaded to apply hundreds of pounds of force onto the tire to simulate how the tire actually sits as it goes down the road, providing a balance that allows the car to ride as smoothly as possible.

subaru-brz-new-wheels-st-suspensions-coilovers-toms-tails-ark-exhaust-009The experienced Installation Technicians of our Install shop, Mod Auto, made quick work of installing the coilovers and mounting and balancing the Enkei RPF1 wheels, even including TPMS sensors. Here you can see the car mid-install, right before we fitted the ST coilovers…

And here we have the view of the rear of the car, this perspective not only shows off the shiny yellow ST Coilovers but also showcases the ARK Performance GRIP Catback Exhaust system for BRZ / FR-S, and the burnt tips give it an extra-sexy edge and the burn matches the blue hue of the paint for a coordinated look.


The coilovers will likely settle a little bit after a few days (which is why it’s sometimes necessary to adjust your coilovers a couple of days after you install them) but already the wheel gap looks damn near perfect, and the 255-series tires give the car a seriously beefy look. You know with meaty tires like this, that this guy doesn’t screw around when it comes to performance and grip and you can bet it’ll stick like gorilla glue on the hundreds of miles of California’s twisty backroads.


Out back, a set of TOM’S LED tail lights for FR-S/BRZ give this BRZ a classy, refined aesthetic and the tails look darn good lit or static.

As you can see the end result and finished product is quite the sight to behold. Interested in modifying your Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S? Get your Suspension setup advice directly from the Mod Experts, just call us 714-582-3330.

Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson