When it comes to modding the VW Golf GTI – the original “hot hatch” – most of the people modding these cars are on a tighter budget. Enthusiasts looking to go fast on a shoestring budget. The VW Golf GTI MK VI you see here is just such a car. Sure, it’s not the tiny subcompact it once was, but it’s still every bit the performer. Jon D reached out to the Mod Experts and Co-Founder Mike Brown knew of just the product that would fit the VW enthusiast price point but still was a quality product. Mike recommended a set of Solo-Werks Coilovers and assisted Jon with scheduling the install at the ModAuto install shop in La Habra, CA.Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-18The OEM ride height of the GTI can leave something to be desired – so lowering the Golf GTI Suspension to enhance handling performance is a must. Solo-Werks coilovers are engineered with platform specific shock absorbers settings and spring rates in mind to optimize each coilover setup for its intended type of car, rather than going all “one size fits all”. Featuring a quality fixed-damping shock absorber and adjustable ride height, Solo-Werks S1 Coilovers for VW Golf GTI Mk 6 offer a lot of functionality and performance for just $499 – that’s actually under the $500 mark.Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-6


The rear setup installs an adjustable rear spring and separate shock, as is common for the rear of most cars.
Besides the Solo-Werks coilovers, we did take note that this VW GTI was fitted with a Unitronic Exhaust for VW Golf [Mk VI].

Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-12Here’s how the coilovers look as a part of the suspension without anything blocking your view of the components.
Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-11 From this angle, the rear coil and shock absorber are clearly visible.

After getting everything set just right, it was time to put the GTI back on the ground and examine the end result of our hard work.
Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-5 Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-4
Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-2 Solo-Werks-Coilovers-For-VW_Golf_GTI_Mk7_-1


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Story & Photos Nick Gregson
Select Photos Bryan Munoz