A few weeks ago this VW Golf GTI came through the shop rocking a set of Radi8 Wheels –  rolling this low, we just had to stop and snap a few photos. The VW Golf lends itself well to lowering, making it a hit among fitment enthusiasts for its potential as much as its performance.

One of the newest wheel lines available here at ModBargains, Radi8 wheels offer a stylish, unique look unlike virtually anything else on the market, and at a price that’s affordable on virtually any budget. This GTI has been outfitted with Radi8‘s R8A10 wheels, finished in Matte Silver.

How about that fitment? Oh yeah, about the ride height. Yeah, it’s bagged- this kind of tuck ain’t happening static. This GTI is equipped with a favorite of VeeDub enthusiasts, Air Suspension for VW Golf.

The Radi8 R8A10 wheels feature the slotted edge like you’d see on a Turbo style wheel but pairs it with a 10 diamond spoke configuration that evokes a mesh look, plus the slightly recessed face gives the wheel a deep dish sort of look.Overall, when fully aired out, the Radi8 wheels truly -make- the stance of this GTI work. From every angle, the car looks the part of the ‘stanced GTI’ and pulls off the look especially well. The blacked out badging and Red/Clear Spyder Auto LED Tail lights look quite sharp and are a nice touch.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson