Recently, Mod Expert Sean recently said goodbye to his much loved supercharged E9X BMW M3, he had to opt for a car that was just as fast as the supercharged M3, he picked up this very sleek midnight blue Tesla Model S P85D. Today’s electric cars aren’t the joke they once were, a Tesla Model S P85D utterly demolished the then-brand-new Big-Daddy-Drag-Racer Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the quarter mile. (We think the SRT division took that loss personally, and the new DEMON we’re seeing is their answer.)
When you consider how flimsy the OEM wheels of the Tesla Model S are, upgrading your wheels to a set that can actually stand up to the demands of a very heavy (5000+lb), extremely powerful vehicle (dynos have measured the Model S P85D at over 700HP) – it’s easy to see why the OEM wheels are less than confidence inspiring.
That’s why Sean made a set of Forgestar Wheels one of his first upgrades for the Model S.
Sean loves Midnight Blue, and the same shade that looked so gorgeous on the M3 works just as well on his new Model S.
The concavity of the F14 gives the car a lot of dimension, and also gives the car a lower slung appearance, though as far as we know, Sean’s still at stock ride height.
The all-wheel-drive and instantaneous torque can make even a monster supercharged BMW V8 seem underpowered by comparison. The torque these things make is best described as being like a tsunami, this great wave of power behind you, thrusting you forward in space and time.
One of the car’s only other modifications is this very subtle Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler. One of the fun things about the Model S is that the car actually seats 7, though the rearward facing seats tend to freak out other drivers. It just happens to be an exceptionally bright day today here at ModBargains, so the Gloss finish of the Midnight Blue powdercoat really pops.
Forgestar F14 20×9.5 / 20×10.5 Midnight Blue
with 245/40-20 / 275/35-20 Continental Tire DWS Tires
The cool thing about finishes like these is how different it can look in bright light versus shadow. The wheels are an almost black shade of dark blue when in shadow, that is, til the sun hits them.

With a little help from Mod Expert Sean and the ModAuto team, this Model S is ready to conquer the road ahead. Thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson