The S550 Ford Mustang GT is a mighty steed, but Ford’s new IRS chassis needs a little bit of love, and it’s worth saying that the Coyote 5.0L is one of the most responsive-to-mods engines currently on the aftermarket. Brandon H brought his ponycar into the shop to be fitted with an MBRP Exhaust for S550 Mustang GT and to lower its suspension with a set of Eibach Springs.

Brandon went with a set of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for S550 Ford Mustang GT. These springs lower the Mustang 1.0in up front and 1.1in at the rear of the car, both eliminating excess wheelgap for a better look as well as lowering the center of gravity for better handling performance.

And perform it will. Being a performance-pack car, the dash is fitted with additional gauges and looks especially sharp.

The Eibach Springs are a great choice for a daily driven car, as they’ve got that drop you need for a better look without making the ride overly harsh.

To reinforce this manual-trans equipped ponycar’s transmission, we installed a Shifter Reinforcement Bracket to prevent unwanted movement of the transmission itself.

The MBRP Exhaust for S550 Mustang GT features 3in diameter tubing and Brandon has opted for the black finish for both the muffler cans and exhaust tips for a contrasted look relative to the car’s Oxford White finish. It’s a full cat-back system as well, meaning the car picks up a few horsepower as well as a great sound.

After getting it back out the ground, we couldn’t wait to get it back outside into the sun to get a look at the finished result.

Check out the new side profile of the car. Slung low and sleek with just enough fender gap to deal with the rather bad roads here in Southern California. The car looks much sharper.

Scope out the fitment for yourself in this close-up view of the front.

Those Pirelli P-Zero Nero Tires also give the car outstanding grip, which combined with the lowered ride height, should really make this car stick in the corners.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

Just lowering the Mustang GT and fitting an exhaust has a huge effect on the look and the character of the car, making it feel like the wild horse it’s supposed to be.

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Story & Photos by Nick Gregson