It’s funny just how big of a difference the wheelgap on a car can make on its appearance, even with a great set of wheels, if the car’s not lowered, things just look “off”, which is why lowering your car’s suspension is one of the best things you can do in terms of both appearance and performance.

Co-Founder/CEO Mike Brown is our resident Cadillac CTS-V specialist, and every once and a while, Mike helps out the Mod Experts by helping customers out personally. Such was the case for Richard G, who recently lowered his 2nd Generation 2009-14 Cadillac CTS-V. When it comes to lowering the V, Mike is a big believer in Eibach Springs for CTS-V, a great fit for the platform, not to mention that Eibach is one of the most trusted names in suspension – and the fact that his personal CTS-V (V2) is lowered on a set as well.

Since we can’t be everywhere, Richard took his CTS-V to a local-to-him installer out in the 321 area code for the install. Lowering the CTS-V is the 2nd best mod you can do to the CTS-V, as we said in our guide to the Best Mods for Cadillac CTS-V.Cadillac-CTS-V_Eibach_Before_After-4

Here’s the V after the install.


Check out that before and after. With a .6in drop up front and a 1.1in drop at the rear, the CTS-V sits like it always should have.


Cadillac CTS-V on Eibach Springs


Cadillac CTS-V on Eibach Springs


Cadillac CTS-V on Eibach Springs

The before and after just goes to show how much the simple act of lowering your car does – Richard looks thrilled with the way the car came out and the new stance, both low enough to look sexy as hell and yet not so slammed as to make street driving difficult, making a set of Eibach Springs an ideal choice.

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Story & Photo Editing by Nicholas Gregson