BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (2) Even if you didn’t get the most upspec model when you bought your BMW, that doesn’t mean your Bimmer has to be bland- case in point this Carbon-and-Melbourne Red F30 BMW 328i. A few changes in some of the smaller details of the car can have a huge effect on the appearance of your car, and this car exemplifies what we mean.BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (3) Up front, a set of Carbon Fiber Kidney Grilles for BMW F30 3-Series has been installed to give the nose of the car a more aggressive look than the factory chrome grilles, giving the BMW F30 exterior a more aggressive edge.BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (5) Check out the detail of the carbon fiber kidney grilles up front. The outer surrounds are carbon fiber, while the individual slats of the grille are matte black.BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (6)One of the other simple details that cleans up the look of this F30 is a set of Painted Front Reflectors for BMW F30, which, as you can see, have been color-matched Melbourne Red like the rest of the car.
BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (7) To take its look to the next step, however, the stock wheels HAD to go, but choosing the right set of wheels for BMW F30 to suit your taste and style can be a challenge. Fortunately the Mod ExpertsBMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (8)Perched on the rear decklid is a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler for BMW F30 to compliment the carbon fiber kidney grilles.
BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (10) The Mod Experts set this owner up with a great looking wheel combination from Forgestar WheelsBMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (13) To really set off the black-and-red look this F30 had going, a set of 19in Semi-Gloss Black Forgestar F14 wheels was as brilliant a pairing as craft beer and gourmet burgers. The semi-gloss black compliments the car’s carbon fiber accessories and the semi-gloss finish is shiny yet not overly so as a true gloss black wheel can. BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (14) Out in the sun, the carbon fiber F30 Exterior mods really “pop” – the sunlight brings out the weave and detail of the carbon fiber – one of the details you might miss otherwise that stands out here are the carbon fiber mirror covers for BMW F30.BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (18)These mirror covers replace the factory mirror covers and are an ideal way to tie together carbon fiber exterior mods like you see here.

BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (28)Here’s a closer look at the Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler – it creates a bit of a ducktail and rounds out the back of the car visually for a sleeker look.
BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (24)Overall, we’re pretty happy with how these simple mods have dramatically changed the character of this F30’s exterior.

BMW_F30_328i_Red_CF_Forgestar_F14_SemiGlossBlack (30)

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos, and maybe this F30 has given you a few ideas for modding your own car in the future.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson