The R35 Nissan GT-R is a beast of a car, but it doesn’t exactly sound that impressive with the stock exhaust in place. Once again, Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei brought in an R35 to get an exhaust upgrade. When you’re considering an exhaust for a GT-R, you want something that lives up to the engineering of the car, something of the same quality as the rest of the car- and if you’re looking for an aggressive exhaust note, look no further than GT Haus Meisterschaft.

Alan recommended a Meisterschaft SUS GT system with quad 130mm Silver Round Tips and fitted with a straightpipe midsection rather than a resonator for maximum power and sound.

R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-2 Here’s ModAuto Tech Juan removing the factory R35 Nissan GT-R Exhaust.


Check out the fit and finish on the Meisterschaft Exhaust for Nissan GT-R.

R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-5Every part of the Meisterschaft exhaust system is beautifully finished and mirror polished, the welds look great and the bends are perfectly contoured for ideal flow.
R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-7Looks like a Stack of Dimes, wouldn’t you say?

R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-8 The complex curve of the Y-pipe is an impressive piece of fabrication.R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-9


It’s a shame this thing is under the car, because it’s a work of art.R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-10 R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-12 Here’s how those distinct Meisterschaft 130mm Silver Round polished tips look. Notice the divider in the center of each tip.R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-13Those walls in each exhaust tip are part of what give a GT Haus Meisterschaft Exhaust its distinct sound.
R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-17 The tips look amazing in the stock diffuser – from this angle, this system is a jawdropper.R35_Nissan_GT-R_GT_Haus_Meisterschaft-Exhaust-19
With the tips set into their final positions, all that was left to do was to take the car off the lift and enjoy the sound.

We love installing this GT Haus Meisterschaft exhaust systems because they always sound as good as they look, and this was no exception.

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Story & Photo Editing Nicholas Gregson
Original Photos Bryan Munoz