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Lowered on H&R Sport Springs for 95B Porsche Macan

Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (9)Stock Ride Height

Here at ModBargains, we’re no strangers to modding Porsches, but this was the first 95B Porsche Macan we’ve had the pleasure of working on. Porsche’s new crossover more thoroughly blends classic 911 DNA with the size of the Cayenne, creating a crossover that looks like nothing else yet is distinctly “Porsche”. As Dr Porsche once said, you should always be able to look at the car and tell it’s a Porsche. However, the factory ride height is so frigging high, it’s as if they thought the prospective buyers all planned on going Baja racing, giving this Macan S a silly amount of wheelgap. That’s why it’s here to see the Mod Experts to eliminate the excess.

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Here’s a closeup of just how much factory wheelgap there is. Unless you plan on doing some fairly serious off-roading, there’s really no reason to have this much wheelgap on a street car- especially a bloody Porsche.Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (3)
Here’s how the rear is. Again, enough wheelgap to fit a can of Monster between the wheel and the fender, standing up…

Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (10) To correct the problem and lower the 95B Macan S suspension, our Mod Experts are fitting the car with a set of H&R Sport Springs for 95B Porsche Macan.
Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (12) These H&R Springs will drop our Macan by a healthy 1.5in both front and rear to make a significant change in its appearance – and sharpen its handling, too. What’s more, these won’t lower the Macan so much as to “slam” it or render it impractical.
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Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (17)

In this shot we can see Sr ModAuto Tech Dave carefully accessing the tops of the strut mounts. Dave’s a stickler for cleanliness, precision and accuracy with a great eye for detail, able to work on even more challenging vehicles without issues.

Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (18) Here’s how the H&R Springs look installed into the Macan’s front suspension.

Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (22) Dave carefully positions the rear springs into place.
Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (24)

With two more hands to help, courtesy of Juan, one of our other Installation specialists, Dave gets the spring seated properly into place.Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (25) Here’s how the spring looks seated in the rear suspension. Time to take it off the lift!Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (26) We didn’t even need to take the car outside before the difference was noticeable – the change was clear right off the lift.Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (27)

The 1.5in drop front and rear from the H&R Springs for Porsche Macan brings it down just the right amount, eliminating the excess wheelgap while leaving just enough for the Macan to still look right as a crossover.

Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (28) The drop in ride height really makes the Macan look as it was intended to, a sporty, fun option for when you can’t take a 911 and a Cayenne is just too darn big.

 porsche macan s turbo 3.0 3.6 H&R sport springs mod bargains modauto modbargains 28788-2 28788-1 without pasm with pasm

Check out this side-by-side comparison of the drop.

 porsche macan s turbo 3.0 3.6 H&R sport springs mod bargains modauto modbargains 28788-2 28788-1 without pasm with pasm
The rear end doesn’t look like it’s trying to get away from the wheel anymore.
Porsche_Macan_S_95B_HR_Springs (32)

The simple addition of a set of lowering springs has made a huge difference in the aesthetic of this Macan S, giving it the sportier character you’d expect of a Porsche S model visually as well as its handling capability while taking nothing away from its usability.

If you’re still driving around at factory ride height, consider lowering your suspension – a lower slung look enhances your aesthetics and lowers your center of gravity, making any set of wheels look better and even otherwise stock vehicles look sharper.

As the saying goes, life’s too short to stay stock. So talk to a Mod Expert today – Give us a call here at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei), stop by the showroom in La Habra, CA during business hours, or Chat Live on ModBargains.com.

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Story Nicholas Gregson

Photos Bryan Munoz