Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-2The Porsche Cayenne is a vehicle people love to hate – it’s an SUV, from Porsche. That on its face was enough to make purists lose their minds, but the problem was, the Cayenne turned out to be pretty damn good. Not only fast on the road, it was good OFF road too, much to the chagrin of everyone that wanted to hate the platform. Today, the Cayenne’s gotten past much of the haterade, and has settled comfortably into the Porsche lineup.


Since it’s an SUV, as you can imagine, it has wheelgap befitting a 4×4, and since this Cayenne rolled off the lot way back in 2004, the OEM Suspension was probably due for replacement and Khiem N (who owns this Cayenne) reached out to Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei to make that happen.

Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-8Porsche Cayenne Suspension parts can set you back an arm and a leg, but BC Racing Coilovers for Porsche Cayenne are surprisingly affordable, offering durable construction and 30-way adjustment in their coilovers, meaning BC Coilovers are a hell of a lot of bang for the buck.
Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-5Here’s how the BC Coilovers for Porsche Cayenne look installed in the front suspension. Sr Tech Dave made quick work of the install.

All we had left to do was pull the Cayenne outside to snap a few photos and appreciate our handiwork.
Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-10 The BC Coilovers don’t drop the Cayenne more than it needs to be lowered, achieving that “Goldilocks” ‘just right’ ride height.Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-12The Cayenne sits like it should, it just “looks right”.
Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-14 The 2004 Cayenne is also a nice match to Ron’s Porsche 996TT 911 Turbo, rolling on AirRex Air Ride and Forgestar F14s in the background.

We’re pretty happy with how this Cayenne came out – we hope you enjoyed the photos.Porsche_Cayenne_BC_Coilovers-19


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