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The Porsche 991 GT3 is an amazing performance car, truly a road-going race car. That’s why when this stopped by the shop a few weeks back, we just had to snap a few photos to share with you guys.

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With a 3.8 liter flat six making 475 horsepower, the GT3 is no slouch even with its lack of a turbocharger. While on its face, the GT3 shares some basic components with the Carrera S, that’s where the similarities end. With Titanium Connecting Rods and Forged pistons, the GT3’s flat six can scream up to a 9,000 RPM redline.

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The centerlock wheels are another unique feature of the GT3.

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Power is routed through a GT3-specific PDK Dual Clutch setup derived directly from the sequential manual transmissions used in Porsche race cars.

Porsche_991_911_GT3_Cup_Visit (3) Porsche_991_911_GT3_Cup_Visit (4) It’s not every day you see a real Porsche GT3.

Porsche_991_911_GT3_Cup_Visit (7) Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.
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