With rear wheel drive and V8 LSx Muscle under the hood, the Pontiac G8 is a potent performance sedan, however the OEM exhaust note doesn’t exactly give the impression of V8 Muscle. That’s why this Pontiac G8 came to see the Mod Experts to be fitted with an Exhaust to give it more character.

The OEM Exhaust cans are both heavy and restrictive, robbing the car of power and that great V8 sound. Here’s the Corsa Axle-Back Exhaust for Pontiac G8 we’ll be fitting. The Quad angle-cut rolled edge tips look especially sharp, and the Corsa etched logos are a nice touch.

The Corsa exhaust tips protrude further than stock, filling out the openings in the valance more fully for a much more aggressive look than the puny factory tips.

The staggered tip placement works especially well and looks sharp framing that GT diffuser.

Simply fitting an exhaust can have a huge impact on the look, sound and performance of your car, making it that much more fun to drive every time you get behind the wheel. Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story: Nick Gregson