While most people know us for our work on European cars, we’re no stranger to JDM vehicles either, like the Z33 Nissan 350Z. This late model 350Z came into the shop to lower the 350Z Suspension by having ModAuto install a set of Tein

Complete with upper control arms to accommodate them, the Tein Coilovers were a cakewalk for our experienced techs. These are a bit dirtier than most products we install as they were a pre-owned set, but we’re able to install pre-owned parts as well.

This car sports a few subtle cosmetic upgrades as well, the 350Z Lighting has been upgraded with a set of Spyder Halo Projector Headlights for Nissan 350Z and set of clear corner reflectors to bring this Z’s silver scheme together. With the Tein Coilovers installed the excess wheelgap is eliminated, allowing those old-school JDM-esque wheels to look their best.

Here’s a closeup of the fitment.

The 350Z Intake has been replaced with a CARB Legal replacement from K&N Performance.

Framing the oversized tips of the exhaust (we think that’s a Nismo exhaust) is a Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for Nissan 350Z to give a little extra flair to the 350Z exterior.

After installing the coilovers, we took the car back outside to have a look at our work.

The fitment’s aggressively low now but left enough clearance in the rear to accommodate the beefy wide Michelin Tires.

With the customer happy with his ride height, our job is done.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson