At ModBargains, we typically deal with other dudes all day – it’s not often we run into a female customer that’s as passionate about her own vehicle as “the guys”. Alyssa Lee got in touch with Modification Expert Elliott Goodman to help make her Edge a little sharper.

Black Ford Edge Avant Garde M310 Matte Black Wheels Front Fender

Like most of us, once you’ve caught the modding bug, you can’t make “just one” change to your vehicle, and that’s definitely true in Alyssa’s case. We gave this car the full “Murder Out” treatment on this Edge. The Edge was black to begin with, but after tint, we plastidipped the Grilles and Ford Blue Oval logo in black.

Further altering the car, we fitted a set of DEPO Projector LED DRL Headlights with black housings up front and DEPO LED Tail Lights with black housings in back to tie the whole look together.

Black Ford Edge Avant Garde M310 Matte Black Wheels Sideview

Then came the wheels. We ditched the rather ho-hum OEM wheels in favor of a set of Avant Garde M310 (ET33)s in (what else?) matte black to complete the look.

Black Avant Garde M310 Matte Black Wheels

We think this is a great start and the Edge definitely isn’t a vehicle we see modded often, which really sets it apart from the crowd. Alyssa tells us her plans for the future include bigger brakes to fill out the much larger wheels. We can’t wait to see how this project ultimately ends up, and we’ve got nothing but love for any girl that wants to make her car more “her own”.

Story by Nick Gregson
Assisted by Modification Expert Elliott Goodman
Photos Courtesy Doug Johnson