This beauty slipped through the cracks, but we recently found a couple of shots of this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X that rolled through the shop a while ago for a fresh set of wheels. The stock wheels of the Evo X are a touch boring, so the owner of this Evo cruised on by to get a visual update with a set of Enkeis.

We fitted this car with a set of Tarmac Black Edition Enkei RPF-1 wheels to give this car some track ready flair, and the RPF-1 is an extremely lightweight wheel. Paired with Advan tires, this thing is sure to stick in the corners. The Tarmac black finish is also a nice contrast to the car’s grey paint.

The addition of a great looking set of wheels can be a huge boon to your car, as it was for this Evo X.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson