BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-003It’s the little things that can make all the difference, as the owner of this freshly-acquired E92 BMW M3 found out. This customer wanted something to give his M3 a little visual distinction and edge to make his M3 more “his own”, and so he reached out to Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman to source an aesthetic upgrade for his M3.

Elliott suggested a few options, one of which was the winner – the Arkym Clubsport Carbon Fiber Front Splitter for E92 BMW M3 as just the thing for this E92.


One of the things we like about Arkym’s Front Splitter is that Arkym often builds aerodynamically functional parts, so this piece will look great and provide a little aerodynamic assistance on the track.

BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-001 BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-011 BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-010 BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-009 BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-007
We can’t say enough how much we like how this front lip looks fitted on the car – everything about this shoot came out perfect in our opinion. 

While the splitter does make it a bit easier to scrape, given that this is a car at stock ride height, that shouldn’t be an issue.BMW_M3_E92_Arkym_Front_Lip_Elliott_Cust-005

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson