Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei knows a thing or two about BMW’s powerful new S55 turbo six- he ought to, since he owns and drives an M4. That’s why when former Mod Expert Michael Chen wanted to get some help making his F80 M3 breathe a bit easier, Alan knew precisely what to recommend.

BMW_F80_M3_Michael_Chen (2)

In our guide to the best mods for the F82 BMW M4, the first three things to take care of are wheels, suspension and exhaust – and Michael M4 had already handled those – which leaves us the F82 M4’s Intake System. Michael opted for an Injen Performance Air Intake for BMW F82 M4 + F80 M3.

BMW_F80_M3_Bilstein_Coilovers_Remus_Exhaust_Injen_Intake_MichaelChen (42) BMW_F80_M3_Bilstein_Coilovers_Remus_Exhaust_Injen_Intake_MichaelChen (43)

Good for an increase of 19 more horsepower and a whalloping 23lb/ft more torque at the rear wheels, the Injen Intake for BMW F82 M4 & F80 M3 offers a much more satisfying engine note and faster acceleration to match the roar of the exhaust.

BMW_F80_M3_Bilstein_Coilovers_Remus_Exhaust_Injen_Intake_MichaelChen (54)

Master Install Technician Dave positions the Injen Intake into place.

BMW_f8X_S55_Injen_Intake (1)

Beyond the benefits of the added horsepower and sounding great under throttle, it’s worth saying that the Injen Performance Air Intake for BMW F80 M3 looks great under the hood, too.

BMW_F80_M3_Michael_Chen (1)

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson