Stock for stock, the new Mercedes Benz CLA isn’t much to get excited over – while the body lines look great, the stock ride height and choice of wheels leave a lot to be desired. This new CLA belongs to a friend of long time Customer Loyalty rep Eric Li, and when Eric’s buddy picked up a CLA and was considering modding it, Eric had him take his Mercedes Benz to the Mod Experts – specifically Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei.

Alan recommended a set of H&R Springs for Mercedes CLA, which gives the car a subtle drop without totally slamming the hell out of it. Take a look at this before/after comparison we put together. It sits just a bit lower without going overboard- but of course that’s only one half of the equation. In addition to the drop, a set of 19in Avant Garde M590 Wheels for Mercedes in 5x112mm.


With the Avant Garde M590 wheels for CLA250 fitted, the Black powdercoat really sets off the car, breaking up what might otherwise be a bland expanse of white.


Here’s how the H&R Springs for CLA look actually fitted into the CLA suspension.

Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_on-lift-img003 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_on-lift-img002 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_on-lift-img001
With the car back on the ground, there was nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy our handiwork.

Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_002 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_003

Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_004 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_005 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_006 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_007 Mercedes_CLA250_HR_Springs_Avant_Garde_Black_Wheels_after_008

With a little help from Mod Expert Alan Wei, this CLA went from a snooze to smokin’ hot and aesthetics deserving of a car wearing the Mercedes Silver Arrow.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson