As we said in our guide to the Best Mods for BMW F32 435i post a while back, your F32 BMW 4-Series exhaust is one of the most noticeable things you can do to your car that will have people actively turning their head to look and see what badass car is the source of a great sounding exhaust note. Naturally then, who better to turn to when looking for an exhaust than the Mod Experts?

One of the best exhausts on the market for the F32 435i is the Remus Sport Exhaust for BMW 435i, offering a balance of sporty, authoritative exhaust tone while also keeping drone to a minimum. This compromise makes these Remus Exhaust systems some of the best systems to live with on daily driven cars.


As a trusted supplier of OEM exhaust parts for BMW, Audi and Mercedes- to name a few- these Remus Exhaust systems are of outstanding OEM level fit and finish and will stand up to the same abuse as a factory muffler, while offering superior look, sound and performance.


In addition to the sound, the Remus Sport Exhaust for F32 BMW 435i offers a 4hp / 10tq approximate gain, meaning your 4 will not only sound way better but also accelerate faster than the guy down the street with a stock 435i.

BMW_F32_435i_MatteBlue_Remus_Exhaust-1Featuring Remus’ trademark carbon fiber trimmed “Street Race” exhaust tips, the rear end of the 435i is given a much sportier character.
BMW_F32_435i_MatteBlue_Remus_Exhaust-5The dual Carbon Fiber trimmed tips give the 435i a bit more authority than the dinky factory exhaust tips as well, though it is worth saying that you can also get Quad Street Race tips for an even more eye-catching look.

Have a listen to the sound of the Remus Exhaust for F30/F32 BMW 335i & 435i in this video to get an appreciation for the exhaust note of this system – much like everyone has different tastes in music, not everyone likes the same sound, so finding the right one for you is important.


That’s it for this quick look at the Remus Exhaust for BMW 435i – we think it’s a great compliment to the car – and it’s something people will notice whenever they hear the car arrive or pass by. We hope you enjoyed the photos! If you’d like to know more about modding your F32, check out our guide to the Best Mods for the BMW F32 4-Series here.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson