One of the first modification most people do to their car is lower it. The most popular ways to lower your car are to go with lowering springs or coilovers. Coilovers are a great way to be able to adjust your suspension to specific specs, however, not everyone needs adjustability in their suspension and really just want to lower the car to look better. Lowering springs are a great way to drop your car for a decent price while improving the look and adding performance. The owner Shane decided on his 2017 BMW M2 to go with the Eibach Pro-Kit which is their street line spring that lowers the car 1″ in the front and .8″ in the rear. The Eibach springs are also very comfortable as their spring rates are close to that of the OEM spring rates. Shane then added H&R spacers to give the car a wider stance by adding 12 mm in the front and 10 mm in the rear. Now you might ask why someone would run spacers instead of just buying new wheels? Well other than the fact that wheels can get very costly, these factory wheels from BMW are actually very good. The BMW 437M wheels are a forged wheel which is the strongest metal wheel you can use. The Eibach Pro-Kit with the combination of the H&R spacers help get rid of that hideous factory wheel gap, but without sacrificing the drivability of the car. Both Eibach and H&R are German company’s who been manufacturing springs and other products for over 20 years. As a company Eibach have always put the quality of their product over everything else, they are so confident in their product that they actually offer a million mile warranty on their springs. H&R also takes their products very seriously and offers a lifetime warranty. These springs will allow you change the look of your car and increase your cars handling, acceleration, and braking while the spacers help with the grip and handling of the car. A couple other things on Shane’s car are the gloss black kidney grilles.  These two really complement his car very nicely completing the blacked out theme.   So if you want to change the appearance of your car and make it seem more aggressive but don’t want to invest in a full coilover system + aftermarket wheels, then definitely look into picking up Eibach lowering springs and spacers. Not only will your car look better but it will also perform better. If you’re interested in picking up a set of Eibach Pro-Kit or H&R Spacers for yourself our Mod Experts would be happy to assist you. Give us a call at (714)582-3330 or email us at