When Kong L needed a shop to install his Invidia N1 Exhaust for Scion FR-S, he rang up the Mod Experts at ModAuto to help make that happen. This heavily modified Scion FR-S definitely has an appearance package that’s totally unique to it.Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-1 Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-2The wheels for Scion FR-S on this particular ZC6 are a set of Volk TE37s in 18in fitment, wrapped in 225/40-18 / 235/40-18 Federal Super Street 595 tires.
Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-7 Up front, a Carbon Fiber FLT Style Front Lip for Scion FR-S gives the car character to match the VOLKs.Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-8

We also spotted a set of clear LED Sidemarkers for Scion FR-S at each corner of the front bumper.

A set of STI Side Skirts with the red STI lettering ties in nicely to the red details on the TE37s.Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-12 The carbon fiber Duck Bill Style Rear Spoiler looks fantastic on the rear of the car, as do those odd little STI rear spat thingies, whatever they are.

The Invidia N1 Catback looks great paired with the STI Rear Diffuser for Subaru BRZs.

Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-16Here’s a closer look at the details of the system.Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-14And here’s a view from a bit further back to give you a better idea of the overall car.

Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-18 If anyone can tell us what these things are called and what they’re supposed to be for, that’d be awesome.Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-19

In addition to the side skirts, a set of side skirt extensions adds a bit of aggression to match the flared details of the STI aero pieces.Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-24 Scion-FRS_Volk_wheels_Invidia_N1_STi_bodykit_-21

With so many Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but Kong’s done a great job of putting together a vehicle that really stands out from the crowd.


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Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson

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