GLI. Three letters almost iconic as GTI, yet much more obscure. Today we’re taking a look at an awesome VW Jetta GLI mk6 – there are nowhere near as many people tuning Jettas these days as there were in the heyday of the MK4, so John I’s handsome 2012 GLI is rather unique amongst the SoCal car scene in this day and age.

To enhance the Jetta’s Performance, the car sports a GIAC Stage II piggyback ECU tune, the brains of this VW are a bit smarter than stock and the exhaust system has been upgraded with a Borla Cat Back Exhaust for Jetta GLI, giving the car a more aggressive burble than stock and the car also sports a Magnaflow High Flow Cat to keep things smelling fresh.


Sitting low, the car rides on a set of Bilstein Coilovers for VW Jetta MK6 to give the car the stance it has, rolling on Agen10 19×8.5 wheels for Jetta.

VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG003 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG015


On the interior, John keeps an eye on the Boost with a P3 Cars Vent Gauge for VW Jetta Mk6, which allows him to watch boost pressure and other vital data readouts on what his engine’s doing at the press of a button, and is a great compliment to the sporty aesthetic for the dry-carbon interior trim accents.

VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG010 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG006

The headlights have been upgraded as well – the OEM headlights are long gone in favor of a set of WINPOWER LED DRL Projector Headlights give this Jetta’s Lighting an edge.

VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG012 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG011

VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG007 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG009 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG005 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG002 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG003 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG004 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG013 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG014 VW_Jetta_MK6_GLI_John_I_Borla_Exh_P3VentGauge_Bilsteins_IMG008

All told, John’s put together quite the handsome package, all on his own, with a bit of inspiration from the Mod Experts.

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Thanks for reading, we’ll see you next time.

Story & Photos by Nick Gregson